Show 324: Bernard Panasonik – Kravata Koja Go Izede Skopje

This radiodrama is constructed around one of the coolest super heros of all time Bernard Panasonic. Based on a comic book by one of the most intelligent and of course hughly tallented artists emerging from Yugoslavia in the 1980s, Zoran Janjetov. Reworked to fit in today’s, even better-tomorrow’s Macedonia (Kanton6), it still keeps the wierdest angle and the unique enchantingly stupid atmosphere of the original comic. It was always a strong desire for the author/s to share this bizzare and magnificent world with as many people as possible. It is layed down in march 2011 @ DownTownStudioOffices. Original comic: Zoran Janjetov. Translation: Mirko Popov. Directed by: Mirko Popov. Sound design: Goran Atanasovski. Producer: Oliver Mitkovski. Produced: march 2011 at DownTownStudioOffices.

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