Show 261: A Minute in the Life of a CFRC volunteer

Currently, at CFRC, there is an undeniable surge in creative energy that has been rare in the 90 year history of our station. For the past two years a critical mass of programmers have gotten together to accept all reasonable, and unreasonable, challenges for producing adventurous, risky, mind-bending radio and performing live radio dramas in front of skeptical audiences. To commemorate this moment in time, a call was sent out to represent a minute in the life of a CFRC volunteer. The purposefully vague request was meant to show the diversity of creative ideas present at our station in our small town. For our first Radia submission, many of the same people worked together, for long nights (often), in the same room, producing a radio drama, and for our second submission, they work together again….but this time as independent radio producers.

Thanks to Michael, Melissa, Irina, Carolyn, Jessie, Aleks, Melinda, Scott, Kristiana, Neven, Elson, Henrik, Bill, Chris, Christopher, Owen & Julia for participating.