Special: Radia 2008 Review by Ricardo Reis and João Bacalhau

35 minutes to highlight the production for the whole year of 2008 of the Radia network would compress the 44 radio programs (1232 minutes), in a 0.028 ratio…

The 2008 review mix for Kunstradio represents a personal choice (compiled by Ricardo Reis and João Bacalhau) of the amazingly large spectrum of material that was produced throughout 2008. A list identifying the shows that were plundered for this work is given bellow (no special order). We hope it entices listeners’ curiosity to listen to more Radia shows and check the descriptions on http://www.radia.fm. And, YES, if you are an artist, send an email to the station nearer you and propose a program to Radia.

“The Dispatcher” by Kristin Lucas, show #146, from free103point9


radioradar_x” by Marold Langer-Philippsen, show #147, from Radio Corax

radiophonic, show #148 from Radio Grenouille

“Canticles of the First Floor” by Pedro Coelho, show #152 from Rádio Zero

“Learning Tibetan” by earweego (Echo Ho and Hannes Hoelzl), show #153, from Resonance104.4FM

“I was listening wind of Himalaya in My former life…” by Lasonick, show #156, from Lemurie Prague

“wolves in Greenland” by Ralf Wendt, show #158, from Radio Corax

“Silent Zone” by Michael Fischer, Caroline Hofer, Barbara Kaiser, Lale Rodgarkia-Dara, Fiona Steinert, show #169, from Radio Orange


lisbon underground” by Amadeu, show #169, from Radio Zero

“Northern relationships”, show #173 (from CKUT)

“Mechanical water” by Aymeric de Tapol, show #177, from Radio Campus

“Blackbox, Sounds of a Society”, show #179 from Kanal 103

“state of radio”, show #181 from XL Air

“autophones rlxtended” by Michael Gambacurta and Matthias S. Krüger, 
show #186, from RadioX

It’s a Money Party – A global youtube election redux” by Berlin Backyard Radio, show #188, from Reboot

“Black Water Brown Water” by David Prior, show #190, from Soundart

“mixing borders”, show #195 from Resonance104.4fm

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