Show 193: The Military Landscape Show by Jay Needham

Lange Beschreibung The sonic resonance that surround current and former military landscapes have intrigued artists working with sound. Memories of power and technology settle as an uneasy layer in these environments, creating opportunities for artists. I intend for this to be an on-going series, hopefully weaving in writings, interviews and inviting collaborations.

1.Richard Lerman, Aleutian Internment (7:01)
Inside a hunting dwelling on the Pribilof Islands in the Bering Sea (amplified whale bone, grass, rain, wild celery and a wind harp) Funter Bay Internment camp (slats of the goldmine camp building where they were interned, windharp, rain) Windharp and weeds at a Cemetery across from the Internment camp at Funter BaySeals on St Paul Island, the Pribilofs Ugadaga Bay, looking towards Biorka Island and an Iris in the wind and snow, recorded on Unalaska Island.

2. Louise K. Wilson “Black Beacon Receiver mix” ( 5:46)
Mixed-down version of the seven soundscapes produced for “Black Beacon Receiver”. From A Record of Fear

3. Louise K. Wilson, “U amplified choir. Sine oscillator ” Yannais Kyriakides, Composer (7:20)
A specially composed piece for Exmoor Singers, made for temporary installation in Lab 5 at Orford Ness.
Recorded at Lansdowne Studios, London on August 7, 2005.
Music Director: James Jarvis; Producer Clarissa Farran.

4. Richard Lerman, Trinity Site (5:12)
Trinity Site, near Alamagordo, NM, was recorded in April 1997. Two times a year, the site where the first atomic bomb was tested, is opened up to visitors and many hundreds of people attend. I began recording from the car as I entered the military check point. Later, I recorded sounds from piezo disks attached to glass pieces that I placed into the earth. Also heard are sounds recorded from the fence surrounding ground zero and amplified, grass, weeks and footsteps of persons at the site.

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