Show 183: fantasia en echo | they also serve who only stand and wait by Gina Mattiello und Pia Palme

“fantasia en echo | they also serve who only stand and wait”
contributed by Gina Mattiello und Pia Palme
based on a performance at
ViennArt, 11-12 Oct, MUSEUM AUF ABRUF (MUSA)
/Pia Palme – Feedbacktubes, electronics, Yoshie Maruoka – Performance, Gina Mattiello – Voice./

“fantasia en echo | they also serve who only stand and wait”
Homage to Jacob van Eyck (ca. 1589 – 1657)

Jacob van Eyck was a remarkable composer of the florishing early baroque period in the Netherlands: born blind, of noble family, educated in music, he turned into a renowned organist, recorder-player, composer and carilloneur. He was famous for his ability to tune bells and carillons. Pia Palme, composing and playing modern recorders, uses contemporary means for her homage to her famous predecessor. A subbass-recorder without its headpiece is used to create sound by means of finely balanced inner microfones and feedback-techniques; sounds which remind of bells, including very deep basses. For the composition Palme plays and processes themes from Eyck’s recorder-pieces by means of electronics.

Texts by John Milton ((1608 – 1674), who turned blind in the course of his life, add another dimension. The title is a quotation from Milton’s poem: “On his Blindness”, describing the author’s willingness to just stand and wait instead of acting.
Palme has studied music and mathematics in Vienna and improvisation at the Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. As a composer/interpreter she combines subbassrecorders (newly developed by the Swiss manufacturer Kueng) and electronics in a unique way, performing solo as well as in various ensembles, such as the trio “Subitized”.

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