Show 164: Myxamatosysm by Amadeu Dias

This piece is based on previous personal sound tour mixing project called Myxamatosysm now debuting as a full lenght program. Since the beggining more oriented for less than a minute intermissions on Radio Zero, now its time to unleash the full power of the sound tour experience. In this piece we’re going to travel through the Lisbon Subway system, a path full of acordeon players, beggars, voices ( little and not so little) and fizzy sounds:
sprockets, rail flanging and pure voltage oscillating in triphasic electric engines. Are you ready? Step in!

Amadeu Dias is a 25 year old Portuguese Software Engineer working on multimedia and interaction that sometimes wanders off to the artistic side. Although he ain’t a superhero, he sometimes leads a double life: capturing sounds everywhere he goes every breathing time. The addiction started more acutely two years ago, registering and mixing all the meaningfull sounds trapped at every corner of Portugal. One of his samples got featured in an album by the French Band Zef. You can freelly browse and use all the samples from Amadeu at Freesound. Just search for user amabok or drop him a line at his profile or at amabok ?at? gmail dot com.

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