Show 165: Swiss-Balkan Creative Music Project

this weeks radia program is a mix from 2 improv sessions done in prishtina and skopje as a part of the Swiss-Balkan Creative Music Project. The project happened in several cities on Balkans and several concerts in this cities happened mixing swiss with balkan musicians. The aim of this project is to developp new links between swiss and balkan musicians in the field of contemporary improvised music.The working sessions give to the musicians possibility to explore together new and fresh practices in electro-acoustic improvised music. The music is made of sonic architectures, colours and textures and moves between pure sound and abstract noise complexity.
The project is realised in 3 phases : April 2007, November 2007 and spring 2008. For the first and second phase, the Ensemble Rue du Nord is travelling and meeting different local musicians. The third phase will permit to have several concerts in different cities and mix the balkan musicians in the spirit of the « Company Weeks » by Derek Bailey.
* * *
Participants for the tour on March-April 2008: Kaltrina Shala, flute; Vedran Tuce, bassclarinet; Dugagjin Muhaxheri, clarinet; Rosen Zahariev, trompet/percussion; Biliana Voutchkova, violin; Visar Kuqi, violin; Miran Zrimsek, cello; Vladimir Blagojevic, accordion; Svetlana Marash, piano; Liburn Jupolli, piano; Lukatoyboy, electronics/toys; Robert Rosza, electronics; Srdjan Muc, guitar/electronics; Every kid on speed, laptop
& Ensemble Rue du Nord: Laurent Bruttin, clarinet & bass clarinet; Anne Gillot, recorders; Jonas Kocher, accordion; John Menoud, e-guit., electronics; Dragos Tara, doublebass, electronics; Benoît Moreau, piano, clarinet