Show 041: Ressonoria – The Airport – Republic of the sound by tkrst

length: 30 min
language: Bulgaria
Radia jingle: no


Ressonoria – The Airport – Republic of the sound.
A mockumentary by tkrst
About tkrst:

Graduated in Theatre critics.
No music education.
Seriously involved in music for 15 years through different bands and frequently ceased projects.
Working as tkrst – solo – since 2000.
I investigate the social and political connections that music is burdened to maintain.
Mediocre anarchist soul.

Recent projects include:

About Resonoria


Anti-utopic static story about a country-airport,
The whole political moral is manifested in forcing absurd sound limits, frequency sell, prison for violators.
Anti-utopia aimed at the airport of all sound experimentalists, full of bites- like the name of the airport is called ” frequenz shumen” (shumen is “noisy” in bulgarian). of course the end the naivety smashes the airport and ends the game.

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