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Show 102: Floors We Have Known by Lucinda Guy and Alexander Paterson

Produced by Lucinda Guy and Alexander Paterson.
“Originally we thought about doing a dance/movement piece for radio, but as we worked we became more interested in the variety of sounds the floors here make. Some of the studios we recorded in have been here for decades, as part of Dartington College of Arts which was formed in 1961. The college is now to be closed down, or move 80 miles to merge with a larger institution. It’s the smallest academic institution in England and is no longer considered viable. This piece is a homage to the floors of Dartington with their unique creaks and squeaks, and to a college which could not be replicated anywhere else.”

Show 101: R(H)umeur collective, part 1

R(H)umeur collective is a radio piece initiated by Maki for Radia. The original idea of this programme is a “versus” to Sarah Washington’s Time Labs project: she built a radio show with numerous one-minute audio pieces she received after launching an open call via the Internet.

R(H)umeur collective started with a similar call for participations through the Radia network and more widely. The main difference with Time Labs is that Maki included each contribution in its entirety without any other transformation than mixing them all together. It resulted in 2 radio pieces.

This programme is the first part of R(H)umeur collective. The second one will be broadcast in the Radia network and replayed live from the sound-art festival Laps in Main d’oeuvres, Paris, in May 2007.

Participating artists in this programme, in order of appearance:
– Boris Wlassof (France) – Us age
– Knut Aufermann (Hungary) – Nowmediaartisdying
– Lionel Ginoux (France) – 28’15”
– Kazuya Ishigami (Japan) – Usotsuki Shinbun
– Pascal Gobin (France) – (radia)
– Jérome Joy (France) – Quarcetto Italia, 08/06
– Dave Phillips (Switzerland) – for nihilist (excerpt)
– Sound Meccano (Latvia) – untitled
– Bérangère Maximin (France) – Spontane yourself
– Kasper Töplitz (France) – Saturne
– Zbigniew Karkowski (Japan) – o.s.e.
– joachim montessuis (France) – CPAC_xuaedrob
– UrtikR (France) – “extrait du live à l’embobineuse”
– Thierry Madiot (France) – Ziph prise 3
– Napalmed (Czech Rep.) – S3_sector_10
– Cyril Darmedru (France) – là…oupas(ça).
– Julien Berthier (Canada) – Une minute de variations pour une porte et un soupir jouée de mémoire à la guitare électrique
– Caroline Hofer (Austria) – problemtypen-1
– Hervé Boghossian (France) – onde
– Franck Barriac (France) – three_free
– Étienne Brunet (France) – FOR YOU (From Ouarzazate)
– Tetuzi Akiyama (Japan) – upslope
– Minibloc (Canada) – cailloux dans le froid
– the Beige Channel (USA) – Pulling Staples From A Floor
– Nicolas_Mallet (France) – Tenderso
– Carl Stone (USA/Japan) – Al-Noor(radiomix)
– Hélène Prévost (Canada) – bell(e)s vaches
– Maki (France) – untitled

Intro voices: Floriane Pochon & Xavier Thomas

To come in the second part: Andrew Sharpley, Dinahbird, eRikm, Francis Dhomont, Noël Akchoté, Ricardo Reis, Pauline Oliveros, Sarah Washington and many more…

Maki is a self-taught musician, improviser and composer, performer in spatialization, DJ, photographer, curator of festival Konnexions and producer of the radio show Cacophonies on Radio Grenouille.

R(H)umeur collective is 20’ long. As a complement: Brush-up your English, a 1995 composition by Virgile Abela newly remixed by E. N. (Contains The Lovers, a song by The Three Suns)