Show 1002: Sasayaki o kiitekudasai (Usmaradio)

Vittoria Assembri is an experimental sound artist and independent researcher in sonic arts and public architecture. Her sound research is about field recording, sound objects, experimental music that reflect on the theme of marginal and liminal territory, in close relationship with urban plans and its crossing (human and non-human).

Her practice develops from site-specific deep listening, focusing on urban dynamics, sociocultural processes and public sphere, with which to rewrite an affective and political landscape of resistance.

Vittoria is currently in Japan since the beginning of May, where she is doing a live performance tour and working on a few artistic residencies’ projects (Kyoto Kinugasa Art Residence for Community in Kyoto, Aomori Contemporary Art Center, Lake Haruna Artist Residence). 

This track is a cut-up of her analog and digital recordings around Japan: Haruna and Fuji-san volcanoes, Kinugasa district in Kyoto, tatami’s and bonsai’s artisans in Okayama, izakayas in Shinjuku-Tokyo, Taka-san cellist, nightingale flooring of the Ryōn-ji Temple, shishi odoshi, radio fm-am interferences, jingles and alerts from megaphone loudspeaker, Aomori forest’s fauna, memorial songs from inhabitants and fishermen of the Haruna cadera, etc.



Usmaradio – Centro di Ricerca Interdipartimentale per la Radiofonia (CRIR) / Interdepartmental Research Centre for Radio Studies, is a workplace of The School of Radio to develop an innovative radio pedagogy. Workshops, work sessions, meetings, presentations of live performance as sections of the project. Produced by UNIRSM | Università degli Studi della Repubblica di San Marino. / /