Show 996: Three Rules of Discipline and Eight Points for Attention by Hali Palombo for Wave Farm

“Interval Signals” are short pieces of musical phrasing, a sound effect or recorded speech that shortwave radio stations use to “introduce themselves” when broadcasting. The signals announce the start of a broadcast and create an identifiable touchstone for listeners old as well as those hearing the station for the very first time. Three Rules of Discipline and Eight Points for Attention (named for the title of China radio station’s Voice of the Strait’s highly recognizable interval signal) is a work that restructures interval signals from eight different countries into miniature compositions played on instruments and in styles that are significant departures from their original form.

Hali Palombo is a composer, visual artist, and filmmaker from Chicago, Illinois. Born in Northfield, Minnesota, she has had a natural curiosity about the Midwestern United States since a young age. Her work often weaves the absurd and mundane beauty of Illinois into her records, short films, drawings, and paintings. Palombo is an avid practitioner of “plunderphonics”: sampling existing musical/aural works and intertwining them into something brand new, whether its shortwave radio and CB radio samples, wax cylinder audio, or field recordings taken from Midwestern points of interest. She also draws great inspiration from endless adventures around the country—be they on Google maps or in her car—often photographing, filming, or drawing her findings.

Show 995: Standard sono magique by Désorceler la Finance (Radio Panik)

image by Ed Hall

Unbewitch Finance (2017) is a Brussels self-proclaimed lab composed of researchers, activists, artists, designers and various allies engaged to reclaim power over parts of our life in society that are owned by the economic and the financial system. Through rituals, speculative writings, radio documentaries, hybrid performances and exhibitions , the lab develops a pragmatical magic meant to unbewitch ourselves from the curse of TINA* and to think desirable futures.

*There Is No Alternative
‘Standard sono magique’ is a sound ritual recorded at Recyclart (BXL) during the release party for the Documentary podcast ‘Glossary of Finance and sorcery’ (Glossaire de la finance et de la sorcellerie) a five chapter radio creation available on
image credit : Ed Hall

Désorceler la Finance est un laboratoire sauvage composé d’artistes, d’activistes, de chercheuse.eur.s déterminé.e.s à nous désenvoûter de la finance, à nous libérer de la paralysie qui nous saisit lorsqu’il faut penser son rôle dans la société, sur le logement, la santé, la production agricole ou l’écologie.

Entre rituels de désenvoûtement de la finance, cartomancie pour ré-ouvrir les horizons, exposition de curiosités économiques, marches et infiltrations, émissions radio et autres conférences pirates, le laboratoire avance au rythme de créations visuelles et sonores, de workshops, de performances et d’écritures expérimentales.

Show 994: underneath the rubble my hand became a will (radioworm)

A new radiopiece made by Palestinian soundartist Dirar Kalash in the Worm studio, february/march 2024
“underneath the rubble my hand became a will”
 a description:

This piece is made up entirely from sounds collected from Palestine, and is composed from different field recordings : protests, nature, markets, city streets, and from different locations across Palestine.
Those sounds were then heavily processed and composed, as an analogical approach to the political realities of Palestine, and the spatial and temporal transformation of both the land and the people –their movements, their lives, and their deaths.

Dirar Kalash (b. 1982) is a musician and sound artist whose work spans a wide range of musical and sonic practices within a variety of instrumental, compositional and improvisational contexts. Kalash also extends his practice into inter-disciplinary theoretical research. He has produced several solo and collaborative music albums and is active as an improvising musician.

Show 993: Ís (glace) jörð (terre) eldi (feu) vindur (vent) by Barylin Tone (Jet fm).

(Picture taken by Julien Bellanger, november 2023)

Featuring Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir, Doris Abéla & Annaïck Domergue.
With sounds and some music by eauchaude (
Ís (glace) jörð (terre) eldi (feu) vindur (vent) is an imaginary soundscape based on the fantasma of Iceland, mainly made with a baritone guitar, an oniric and telluric view of this particular country, inspired by impressions from litterature, music, sound, photography. This long time fantasma has reborn by meeting the great Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir few months ago.
The reading is a chapter from the book Dyralif (La Vérité sur la Lumière) by Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir read by herself (french translation by Eric Boury, reading by Annaïck Domergue)
O2 / Sofðu unga ástin mín is a song by eauchaude.

Show 992: Resonating Sculptures by Reni Hofmüller, Radio Helsinki (Graz)


(c) Martin Gross

Resonating Sculptures

by Reni Hofmüller

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. Nikola Tesla

Sounds of electromagnetic waves, overlapping frequencies of unfathomable spaces – magical, fleeting and touching, these are the electro-poetic worlds of sound that Reni Hofmüller opens up with the antennas of her Resonating Sculptures. Radiation emissions from the natural and human-made world, the cosmos and the technological environment transformed into sounds: hissing, crackling, hissing, whistling, vibrating, clanking and clicking, humming, buzzing, vibrating and booming, voices, tones and sounds from the radio.
Since 2012, the media artist, musician, composer, organiser and activist has been working with communication spaces that are created and characterised through the use of antennas and interpreted musically and improvisationally in live sets. The sculptures are mobile, small, heavy, expansive, they reference places and spaces for which they were designed, and they each have their own history of creation. These are reflected in the forms as well as the spectrum of what they receive. Eight Resonating Sculptures have been created over the past eleven years. In April 2024, a new series of antennas based on the water systems – rivers, drinking water canals and sewage – will open in Scala, Tabakalera, San Sebastian.
As early as the end of the 19th century, Nikola Tesla picked up signals from Jupiter during his first radio experiments and interpreted them using his imagination. The Resonating Sculptures appeal to this power of imagination in the same way as the blue of the deep when diving in the sea or the noise of the radio between the transmitters that suggest a potential, a maybe, a possibly. Hofmüller: “The world opens up for me from my world of sound.”