Show 969: 720 to 28 or the impossible summary (Jet fm)

12 hours of a poetry marathon performance compressed in a 28 minutes radio show. All material recorded live during the 23rd edition of Midi Minuit Poésie festival in Nantes, France, october 14th 2023.
Cast, in order of appearence: Pauline Catherinot & Bruno Chevillon, Magali Brazil, Pascale Monnier & Ryan Kernoa, Claro, Guillaume Dorvillé & Emma Anselmetti-Laffont, Didier Bourda & Sylvain Chauveau, Galina Rymbu & Marina Skalova, Virginie Poitrasson & Joce Mienniel, Juliette Mézenc, Stomach Cie/Vanessa Vallée, Antoine Boute, Lisette Lombé & Cloé du Trèfle.
Cut & mix in a more or less random way by Henri Landré.

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