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Show 959: RADioArt Version2024 (by Chuse Fernandez, TEA FM Radio Workshop)

ˈɹeɪdiˌoʊˈɑrt Radio art is an aural art form made with sound. Artists use radio technology (i.e. radio transmission, airwaves) to communicate artistic compositions for interpretation – exposing their audience to alternate means to experiencing their art through sound verses visualization.   Radio Art contributes to … Continue reading

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Show 958: Coming up for air (Radio Orange 94.0)

by Vienna Radia Collective feat. Stefan Nussbaumer Oops, something has happened! The microphone fell into the water. Quel Malheur! Thank goodness our special guest Stefan Nussbaumer shrink-wrapped the microphones and nothing happened to them. So, by chance and without intention, … Continue reading

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