Show 852: KIN | Laboratorio radiofonico e performativo a Santarcangelo Festival 2050 (Usmaradio)

The air is full of inaudible sounds that become so thanks to radio receivers.

– John Cage

KIN by Usmaradio / Roberto Paci Dalò is a radio and performative project with workshop sessions of The School of Radio guided by talented and professional radio-makers. The italian town of Santarcangelo di Romagna is “occupied” with the broadcasting of a schedule composed of materials related to Santarcangelo Festival (the 51 years old festival devoted to experimental performing arts), citizens’s voices and original materials created by the working group. All spread in public and private spaces with listening spots, improvisations, electronics, remote collaborative radio activities.

“The undifferentiated mass is expressed with a single voice, with slogans repeated in unison, so that the individualities blend vocally. Plurality, on the other hand, is expressed in a plurisonic way, producing not a single voice and not even a cacophony, but what I call a pluriphony, where each singular voice retains its uniqueness and reverberates with each other. ” (Adriana Cavarero). Texts and guiding voices are those of John Cage and Donna Haraway.

KIN team
Benedetta Bronzetti, Teresa Chiauzzi, Irene Dani, Bárbara Ermeti, Sara Guazzarini, Alessandro Mazzoni, Domenico Martinese, Alice Molari, Roberto Paci Dalo, Paolo Petrangolini, Alessandro Renzi, Lorenzo Salvatori, Margherita Wolenski

participants / authors
Vittoria Assembri, Verdiana Benatti, Oreste Campagner,  Martina Conte, Luca Gallio, Dania Grechi, Domenico Martinese, Lucrezia Nediani, Roberto Paolini, Cristina Previtali,  Riccardo Santalucia, Giulia Savorani, Matilde Solbiati 


Andrea Borgnino, Daria Corrias, Gabriele Frasca, Ilaria Gadenz, Gianni Gozzoli, Carola Haupt, Wissal Houbabi, Graciela Martínez Matías, Mauro Pescio, Rodolfo Sacchettini,  Elisabeth Zimmermann

production Usmaradio, Giardini Pensili
in collaboration with Università degli Studi della Repubblica di San Marino, Comune di Pesaro, Radio Papesse, ImperfettoArt , Radio Lada, Scuola comunale di musica G. Faini – Associazione Banda Musicale Città di Santarcangelo, TeamBòta, Ven èulta Santarcangelo, Centro studi e ricerche José Bleger, Fablab Romagna
media partner RAI Radio Techete’

radioworks’s excerpts for this Radia programme (running order)
1. “Nino” a live session dedicated to the Italian poet Nino Pedretti (1923-1981); sounds by Riccardo Santalucia, Luca Gallio, Alessandro Mazzoni with the voice of Nicoletta Fabbri joined by Santarcangelo’s citizens
2. “Respiro” (on background)
3. “Chiroptera FM”; voices and sounds by Riccardo Santalucia, Luca Gallio, Dania Grechi, Domenico Martinese, Irene Dani, Alessandro Mazzoni, Vittoria Assembri
4. “Final Jam Session” within all “Kinners”

> Podcast area of KIN – Santarcangelo Festival

> Santarcangelo Festival official website

Pictures by Claudia Borgia, Lisa Capasso, Alice Molari, Domenico Martinese, Roberto Paci Dalò, Alessandro Renzi

Usmaradio – Centro di Ricerca Interdipartimentale per la Radiofonia (CRIR) / Interdepartmental Research Centre for Radio Studies, a workplace of The School of Radio to develop an innovative radio pedagogy. Workshops, work sessions, meetings, presentations of live performance as sections of the project. Produced by UNIRSM | Università degli Studi della Repubblica di San Marino. / /

Show 851: RADIOMe (Radio ARA)

Radiom-Radiôme, the network of radio artists from the Greater Region located in between France, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg, formed in Autumn 2020 and started off with two improvised radio concerts in Saarbrücken (Germany) and Luxembourg in Spring 2021, as well as with producing a series of short radio pieces based on recordings made available in a common pool by all the artists involved in the network.

You will now hear a selection of these miniatures. For more information on the network and the complete set of miniatures, please visit

Artists involved:

Knut Aufermann (DE)
Karim Ait Gacem (BE)
Katharina Bihler (DE)
Elodie Brochier (FR)
Sam Erpelding (LU)
Sandra Laborier (LU)
François Martig (FR)
Martha Regueiro (BE)
Stefan Scheib (DE)
Claire Thill (LU)
Sarah Washington (DE)

The launching of the radio art network Radiom-Radiôme has been made possible by the financial support of the European program INTERREG.

Radia Show 850 – Echantillons sonores

Field recordings and sound collages by Vittoria Assembri and Matilde Solbiati.

We are already beaten by the summer heat here in Florence, that’s why we’d love to escape to other landscapes and to linger on other soundscapes.  

The Po river is the longest in Italy, flowing through most of northern Italy from west to east across the Padan Plain. And here we go, along the river, with Scivolare il Po, a journey on board of a fishing boat, from Cremona to the delta and back.

We follow Vittoria Assembri and Matilde Solbiati and the mosaics of sounds they recorded: the river banks, the swirling of the water, the boats’ motors, the conversations with the people of the Po whom they met: catfish fishermen, the lighthouse keeper, a former river racer… Scivolare il Po brings our attention back to the river, as a geographical, social, human, real and imaginary space.

Scivolare il Po gives way to Linee di fuga – Echantillons sonores, a sound collage Vittoria Assembri assembled over 10 years of field recordings, collected between 2009 and 2019, across natural and urban landscapes in Italy, France, Germany and Japan: “new sound streams are born, variable lines like images blurring in running water”.

Among the sound fragments, there are the loudspeakers of subway stations and airports in Tokyo, the sirens of Genoa’s harbour, the buzzling voices in the izakayas in Hiroshima, the sounds of stamping in Tuscan post offices, the creaking of the iron bridges of Gare du Nord in Paris, the roaring eruptions of Stromboli’s volcano, the vibrations of power grids in Berlin, a blocked elevator in a condo in San Salvario, Turin, the song of cicadas…

Linee di Fuga was produced in 2019 during a residency in Apricale, at Atelier A.
Editing: Beatrice Surano

Vittoria Assembri is a multifaceted artist, based in Paris and Venice. Her practice explores marginal territories: phonography is thus considered as a political act that makes visible what is absent in the official cartography. By sound mapping a territory, she makes the resonant landscape of everyday life audible and she uses field recording not only as a tool, but as a possibility to cross layers of everyday outcrops and as a method and device for investigating the transformations of territories and the cultural changes of the contemporary world.

Matilde Solbiati was born on January 27, 1986 in Milan. She has brown hair, brown eyes. Her dog’s name is Lord. She loves wild and mountain flowers and reading. Most of the time she looks at pictures which she mostly cuts out or scans. The rest of the time Matilde collects things she comes across and thinks.

Show 0849: Birds of Gaza (radioart106)

image by Rana Bishara

Sonic lament in memory of the Palestinian children that were killed by the occupation forces in Gaza and the West Bank during May 2021.

The eighty two names and ages of the children were collected by the Palestine ministry of Health and activists in Gaza. 

Narrated by poet Dareen Tatour

Introductory text based on “Israel chooses violence” by Haggai Matar for +972 magazine

Materialised by Meira Asher and Dareen Tatour at radioart106 for

Image by Rana Bishara


field recordings – people of Gaza 

Heart, No Crossing, Neshimot – Meira Asher

Mba ferigneso Baras – Madagascar: Pays Bara 

Dikoboda Sombe II  – Aka Pygmies