Show 357: Who am I to be with you? by La ruche and Guest

Pourquoi tant de questions ?

Le collectif de la Ruche interroge l’intime et le collectif autour d’un projet, les inaccoutumées (

28 questions, traduites en cinq langues, extraites d’une série infinie initiée par Fabrice Renais (

Catherine d’Ho, en solo, propose sa propre lecture du propos.

En fond résonne des prises de sons d’un Bruxelles méconnaissable, et quelques brèves rencontres. Onirique.

Une proposition du Docteur Abgrall pour Radio Panik.

Why so many questions ?

With their project called “les inaccoutumées” (, the La Ruche collective questions what is intimate and what is shared.

28 questions, translated into five languages, taken from an ongoing series started by Fabrice Renais (

Catherine d’Ho gives her own solo reading of it.

In the background, field recordings of an unrecognizable Brussel, and some brief encounters. Dreamlike.

Presented by Doctor Abgrall for Radio Panik.

Show 356: CROATAN N17 by Lucas Crane & Angela Moore

A radio play about inter-dimensional dropouts, alien refugees, and going cosmical
native created during a residency at worm, december 2011. Weird orbs beacon from the swamp, surprises abound in the forest, confusion reigns. But were they swallowed forever by the abyss or except its invitation willingly? Recorded in and around the shipyards of Rotterdam and in the forests of Barcelona while protests of awakening raged in New York City, this dream sequence of cut-ups meditates on the state of the traveller, stranger, seeker, and pilgrim foraging for oneness with a radically shifting psychic environment.

G Lucas Crane is a sound artist and sound performer working in the medium of
analogue tape and obscured, recovered memories in the digital age.
Angela Moore is an artist working in sound and video with focus on the mythical
and mystical.

Show 355: Life and Death of Arissat-1 by Reni Hofmüller

Reni Hofmüller for Radio Helsinki (Graz, A)

On August 3rd, 2011, Arissat-1 was launched directly from the ISS, the International Space Station. NASA TV broadcast this life over the internet, and thousands of people worldwide watched the deployment, and after that followed the first amateur radio satellite launched from a vehicle in space. After only a short life time, Arissat-1 was heard for the last time on Jan, 4th 2011. As we are going to undergo a similar procedure with mursat1, regarding a shortlife time, and very short and quick passes over head, Arissat-1 was a good way to learn about satellite spotting.

Recordings used: deployment, recorded at ESC im LABOR on Aug 3rd; Arissat signals received at the amateur radio groundstation, Graz, in August 2011; coallision – a realtime audio visual installation by Jogi Hofmüller, a sonification of debris parts from a coallision from 2 satellites in 2009, and Juri by Peter Venus (both shown at ESC during steirischer herbst 2011), Raumsonde Venus-Wega, Performance by Peter Venus and Marian Weger at musikprotokoll 2011, Windsong by Reni Hofmüller, at musikprotokoll 2011; excerpts of KraftiM – Criguere, found on Jamendo.

You can find more about the space art project mur.sat at


Show 354: music for animals by Ralf Wendt

art for animals
by Ralf Wendt
developed for live-performance in october 2011, inside the festival kunst fuer tiere for Zoopark – these files are parts of longer compositions for different beasts in the zoopark. We listen to sounds for elefants, chile-flamngos, Humboldt-penguins, seabears, Degus, Waldrapps- northern bald Ibis, snow-owls, other owls and falcons.
Wendt works in Halle and often due to the human beast or the imagination of zoo-nature and city-nature.

Show 353: Suono Fuga by Annie Dunsford

What is the relationship between identity and sound?
In sound, can we discover/ invent/ lose our selves?
How does art make us feel when we experience it and create it? –does it disassociate us from ourselves, does it localize us, does it allow us to recover/rediscover our selves ? Do we feel nothing? Do we feel alienated from the art itself?
Is experiencing art and sound an experience of alienation or discovery?
After the experience of art, are we unchanged?

The intention of Suono Fuga is to both alienate the listener from themselves and from the sound, then return them to it. The sonic adventure is thus an adventure of departure and a return, a loss of self and a rediscovery of self through sound.