Show 346: Field Background Radiation (by XL AIR)



Field Background Radiation Noise

Field Fest was a Brussels based festival on today’s use of field recordings in the arts, organized by sound loving organization Q-O2 as the official opening of their ambitious ‘Sounds of Europe’ platform. The four day event was an intense and elaborate introduction into sound exploration, a challenging exercise in listening skills and a tangible anthology of the artistic potential of sound recording.

This XL AIR radia adaptation of the festival tries to (re)create an imaginary map of ‘Field Fest’s background radiation noise’: a radio score of the most contagious psychoacoustic traces still echoing in the collective memory of the participants. A poetic patchwork of static leftovers etching the event’s most persistent influences on the auditory immune systems of the constitutive artists. The aim of the program is to evoke the festivals’ sonospheric depths through the suggestive power of intimate (re)collection and sonic autohypnosis.

Artists involved:

–          Justin Bennett

–          Eric Lacasa & Philip Samartzis

–          Martiensgohome

–          Peter Cusack

–          Manu Holterbach

–          Anne Wellmer

–          Mecha / Orga

–          Annea Lockwood

–          Els Viaene

–          Michael Pisaro

–          Pauwel De Buck

–          Toshiya Tsunoda

–          Manfred Werder

–          Lee Patterson

–          Jez Riley French

–          Jason Kahn

Rather than some conclusive retrospect, we hope to offer a new prospect: a thought-provoking hymn of sparkling contemplation, an intriguing symphony of strangely connected memories, a polyphonic conglomerate of Field Fests’ background radiation noise

Produced by Dieter Van Dam with special thanks to 3d Bachelor of Rits radio study.

A special thank you to the kind Q-O2 crew (Ann, Julia, Ludo and Jeroen) and of course all artists involved.