Show 339: All That is Solid Melts Into Air by Brett Ian Balogh

All That Is Solid Melts Into Air (Radia Version) is a transmission work that is an extension of the work done for Maximilian Goldfarb’s Deep Cycle (2010). The piece is composed of a series of maps that trace a path through all Radia Network stations in Europe. The maps are then encoded to sound through a protocol for transmission of images over radio known as slow-scan television, or SSTV (in this case, Robot 72s Color). The piece re-interprets the solid as air through the processes of encoding, transmitting, receiving and decoding the map. Through this process, the physical and imagined boundaries depicted on the map become distorted through their interaction with the actual space they intend to represent.

Distortion in image due to sstv encoding/transmission/reception/decoding over a broadband link. Terrestrial radio broadcast/reception can introduce more and varied distortions of the original information.

Brett is a Chicago-based artist working at the intersection of objects, sounds and spaces. He received his Masters of Fine Arts in Studio from the Department of Art and Technology Studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and his Bachelor in Biology from the University of Pennsylvania. He is currently an instructor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Illinois Institute of Technology, teaching courses in architecture, computer-aided design and manufacturing, do-it-yourself broadcasting and acoustics. Brett is also a transmission artist and a 2009-2010 airtime fellow.

Show 338: NIKOLA TESLA: Tribute to an outlaw of science

Now, the School of Creative Radio TEA FM from Zaragoza has developed a radio documentary based on the life and work of Nikola Tesla, who recovered a sound of his voice testimony.

Developed in documentary format and a small piece of radiotheatre, we launched into the air several questions regarding the development of technologies that Tesla launched almost 100 years ago, and his relationship with Edison.

We also let the air in the ratio of large companies and the energy business in front of the universal spirit of Nikola Tesla and his claim, denied by many, to create free energy and free for everyone.

The music that accompanies this production is original and written especially for this program by Daniel Canelo

En esta ocasión, la Escuela Creativa de Radio TEA FM desde Zaragoza ha preparado un radio-documental basado en la vida y obra de Nikola Tesla, de quien recuperamos un testimonio sonoro de su voz.
Desarrollado en formato documental y con una pequeña pieza de radioteatro, lanzamos al aire varias preguntas respecto al desarrollo de las tecnologías que Tesla puso en marcha hace casi 100 años, y la relación de este con Edison.
También dejamos en el aire la relación de las grandes compañías y el negocio de la energía frente al espíritu universal de Nikola Tesla y su pretensión, por muchos negada, de crear energía libre y gratuita para todo el mundo.
La música que acompaña esta producción es original y compuesta especialmente para este programa por Daniel Canelo (

Show 337: Lift ou esstich

Lift ou esstich dévoile trois polarités, le fait de vivre dans une capitale à communauté multiculturelle et polyglote, de pouvoir se comprendre avec un mot universel, usuel et de tous les jours tel que bonjour.
La symbiose et la richesse de cet ensemble, nous donne des ailes  vers un tour du monde sonore haut en couleur.
Merci à Radio Panik sans qui le challenge n’aurait pas eu lieu.
Bonne écoute.

podcast :

Lift or esstich unveils three polarities, the fact of living in a multicultural community in a mulitlingual capital, being able to understand each word with a universal, common and everyday word as hello.
Symbiosis and the richness of this set gives us wings to a tour of the colorful world of sound.
Thanks to Radio Panik, without which the challenge wouln’t have taken place.
Happy listening.

Show 336: BOAT SHOES IN TWO ATTEMPS by The Static Tics

a radioplay in the field of what

Number 12 is the second number of level 4 of spirit manifestation. The first number of this level is number 11 for which we said that its energy is similar to going in the open space for the first time without a space suit. So what we have here are two gentleman (2 minus 12 = negative, but two times negative is positive) … sitting at the dock of the bay. Watching the tide. Etc. Bad bad actors. And as predicted, their space suits were left home. Nothing but bare muscles.

Made in Rotterdam
by The Static Tics