Show 299: The Tetrahedron – Snowhere

The Tetrahedron is a fundamental sonic volume with 4 sides. A regular Tetrahedron is formed by 4 equilateral broadcasts, taking parts in an asymmetric radiophonic rotation system.
Even if Snowhere was done in a cold Brussels winter, the Tetrahedron still at a basement temperature by screaming like a 4 bits chaman, whispering some headwinds into the basement,
then finaly making peace after a white war by an acoustic orgy.

With: Jean-François Blanquet, Jean-Marcel Busson, Fabrice Cesario, Aymeric
De Tapol and Yann Leguay
Voices by: Maxime Blanpain and Suzy Bretchkov
Recorded in december 2010 at his Aunt’s basement , Brussels

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