Special: Curated by RADIA: Don’t measure me by Paulo Raposo

“My approach to the Gasometer in Oberhausen consisted in exploring both its outside and inside. Quite impressed, and almost in vertigo, by its incredible height (120m) and its massive metal structure, I mirrored and  juxtaposed the metal structures and connections which were being heavily provoked through a passing tornado (believe it) with its immensely reverberating “inside” and its everlasting wave of sound. The strong wind outside and the powerful hum inside provided an intriguing affinity to the interplay of both parts. And both invisible, ungraspable, continuously haunting and mesmerizing.
In this sense, I want to suggest the power and density of the huge organic building which, that ceasing its utilitarian purpose, stands nevertheless open to imagination and awareness.”

Recordings: Paulo Raposo
Additional voices and recordings: Other Radio Art camps artists.
Language: English
Production: Paulo Raposo for Kunstradio

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