Show 280: this is not a radioplay by Dr. Lukas Simonis

This is a Radioshow by WORM aus Rotterdam: it is a non linear radioplay constructed with spamlists messages and addresses, child torture and field recordings, soundart and snippets of music by The Static Tics.

Dr. Lukas Simonis constructed and edited it, while Henk Bakr looked on and saw that it was good (it was actually time for his afternoon nap, but he skipped it for the good cause)

One thought on “Show 280: this is not a radioplay by Dr. Lukas Simonis”

  1. well, i’m glad you asked or did you Knut or Sarah its hard to keep you apart these days, this radio play was rather stressfull i may say in the conception and final realisation, i was receiving so much spam email at the time – in the zero years of the new millenium, among them these very criptic messages mails of a certain kind- beside the nigerian requests for help and money wich was rather stressfull i must say, these rather authentic looking emails from all these genuine sounding names and legit looking adresses, and inside these mails was always a very long text consisting of a long kind of stringlike summons of words and part phrases or rather abstract prose that just wouldnt make any sense to me, as if that just had to be there to give the spammail some body k-wise as to cause digital traffic buildup, along with some abstract geeky pointer meaning, maybe to inflict a reaction or raise questions in order to provoke some reaction or spook one out. but there was never any sort of instruction inside or attached to the receiver end, nor any request as to what to do or where to go- no pointers as who these people where or how they got my email adress or what our relationship might be. and after a year this sort of spamlike mails just disapeared. i think looking back it was the pre phishing era type of spam mail, rather non sophisticated non effective nonsensical crypto fingerpractice hacker apprentice type, of random sending to or from hacked email adresses, the golden years of hotmail plundering. while i was rather obsessed with this listlike quality proclamation like texts, lukas was infected by an unforseeable investigative virus wich made him chase and harass his neigbouring kids, trying to force them to utter guttural throatlike sounds into his fieldrecording microphones, wich, obsessed as he is with microphones, he kept pushing into their innocent faces, thinking how he could make his investment stick, make worthwhile and proof a point for choosing this or that kind of microphone, dear lord, there’s no recognisable or artistically valid reason for doing this and thankfully due to legal restriction forced by legal actions by some parents, most of them didnt care it was the null years remember, he kept going rather pathetically after only one kid wich you hear in the final cut, who was fine after all in the end, and didnt go after lukas for royalty fees or privacy damages, wich in the end i had to clean up if came point to stick as Jim Xentos would have said, and probably did say, but not to me, well not straight away anyway, as he is too sophisticated to do so, but i m sure he discussed it with lukas, because they are on more speaking terms than i am, i am more into physical action you know and on a inspirational higher level than they are, whereas lukas is rather contra-reactif and lurking in the background, and Jim well you know Jim. please leave me alone from here on and dont write to me anymore. ask lukas. ignore anything Jim has to say about this radioplay, he has nothing to do with it. leave him out of this i beg you. lukas knows more about this play than he likes to admit.

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