Show 201: radiophonic first day by adrian shephard and rinus van alebeek

you are cordially invited to join the first day of a whole week with 24hrs a day: radio on.
for about 28 minutes at least.
more soon.*

radio on with adrian shephard and rinus van alebeek.
discussions and opinions and bewonderments and bewilderments
on every question possible that doesn’t affect
our economical and philo-exitical state of mind and skin immediately,
but maybe yes.
no playlist, no preperation, no animal tests.
make radio not iq tests.

* forthcoming in spring 2009:
radio on hours on radio x / GUNST & radiator x
more info & dates of transmission via

radiophonic first day
by radio on / adrian shephard and rinus van alebeek
production: miss.gunst / GUNST + radiator x
date: january 2009
station: radio x, frankfurt am main (germany)
duration: 28 min. –

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