Show 159: Untitled (Two Channel Piece Hamburg) by Bernhard Schreiner

Untitled (Two Channel Piece Hamburg) by Bernhard Schreiner is based on a sound art piece performed live at Pudel Club Hamburg in June 2007, edited for radiator x/radia art radio network in 2008.

The alternative title in brackets relates to the fact that the two channel piece is kind of special in so far as Schreiner’s sound performances and sculptures are usually four channel pieces.

Bernhard Schreiner (* 1971, A) works with film, video and sound. Exploring the materiality of his media, he is creating visual noise/music from 16mm film and builiding sculptural assemblage as well as whole environments based on sound.
From 1991 to 1998 Schreiner studied at the Staedelschule Academy Frankfurt am Main (Peter Kubelka). In addition to his own artistic work he is regularly curating projects in the fields of experimental film and sound art, a. o. the Environmental Sound Matter series for Steirischer Herbst & musikprotokoll Graz 2007 and 2008. In 2004, he founded the sound art label feld records (
His films are distributed by independent media art distributions like sixpackfilm (; for more info see also the Austrian Independent Film and Video Database (
Currently he lives in Frankfurt am Main and Berlin (Germany).

This show was created for radiator x (radio art @ radio x frankfurt am main in coop. with radia art radio network), ed. Verena Kuni.
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