Show 148: by Stéphane Massy and Eddy Godeberge

In Radia 148, you’re going to jump from one recording to another that were made simultaneously at about 1000 kilometers away. It was October the 28th, 2007, from 9 to 9:20 pm CET.
In a studio in Marseille, Stéphane Massy and Eddy Godeberge (with engineer Sébastien Géli) played a few songs.
In a chapel in Brussels, an audience could hear them through the PA and the radio.

This is what almost happened but at the beginning it didn’t properly work. So Brussels and the world were waiting, filling unwillingly the blank. Meanwhile in Marseille, the artists wouldn’t care, they would just speak and play.

Stéphane Massy and Eddy Godeberge until recently hosted a monthly show on Radio Grenouille, ‘le Son du mois’ (the Sound of the month): a kind of news magazine made live with jokes, songs and gossip. They also play their songs in gigs and records as Tante Hortense and run the smart label Les Disques Bien.
Radia 148 is produced by Etienne Noiseau. It was intended to Radioactive Radiophony, a 4-hour show by the Radia network in the Radiophonic festival.

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