Show 078: The Demonstration by Anna Friz

Mediascapes heard from radios suspended in the theatre, broadcast on 4 watts FM.
Originally designed for pirate radio broadcast as part of a youth theatre/media and democracy project in Toronto, Canada, spring 2006. I created a series of pieces to serve as mediascapes surrounding actors in a physical theatre, reflecting on themes suggested by participating high school students (ages 16-18) such as power, commercialized culture and media saturation, justice, and freedom. The pieces were heard from radios suspended in the theatre, broadcast on 4 watts FM.
Anna Friz is a sound and radio artist (and free103point9 transmission artist) who divides her time between Montreal and Toronto. For the past eight years she has predominantly created self-reflexive radio for broadcast, installation or performance, where radio is the source, subject, and medium of the work.
Friz has presented installation and performance works across Canada and in international media art contexts such as the Third Coast Audio Festival, Chicago; Digitales, Brussels; Club Transmediale, Berlin; Ars Electronica, Linz; die Akademie der Künste, Berlin; the Fifth International Biennial of Radio, Mexico City; and Arte Nuevo Interactiva, Yucatan. She has produced numerous original radio works for independent radio across Canada and the U.S., and for public radio in Canada, Austria, Germany, Denmark, and Mexico.
Anna is a Ph.D. candidate in the Joint Communications and Culture programme at York and Ryerson universities, Toronto.

Show 077: pluto song

radio Lemurie presents for

Shortcut from periodocal live radio sessions of radio Lemurie T.A.Z.

The first part of this programme (15 minutes) is dedicated to the change of the status of the planet (ex_planet) Pluto. With a tiny intention to be serious we are discussing fictional facts that are surrounding Pluto (planet or not).

Special: Time Labs (live)

A radio collection, simulcast live on radio stations across 9 countries on the 15th September 2006 from 19:00 – 20:00 Central European Summer Time.

The show appears on the frequencies and webstreams of the following radio projects:

free103point9 – New York
Orange 94.0 – Vienna
Lemurie – Prague
Radio Campus – Brussels (TBC)
Radio Grenouille – Marseille
Radio Zero – Lisbon
Resonance104.4fm – London
Tilos Radio – Budapest
Tlis – Bratislava

Time Labs is a radio show that celebrates the EU Culture 2000 project ‘radio.territories’. Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann present this microscopic spectacle of radio art live at the radio.territories final conference *media – space – society* in Vienna hosted by Orange 94.0.

The show features one minute works produced by more than 40 artists, highlights of the work that developed from the radio.territories project and micro-appearances in the studio from representatives of the contributing radio stations. Additional live mixing and distortions by Dieb 13.

Participating artists:

A Smith, UK – Bookmark
Adrian Shaw, UK – Shed
Alexander Wendt, UK – Wed
Audiowallpaper with Caro Hofer, Czech Republic – o94
Bartek Kujawski, Poland – x?¸6ipart-mixe
Bruno Pisek, Austria – WIRSPRECHENZUEUCH
Chester Bentley, UK – 17 Second Song
Diana McCarty, Germany – LIVE
Dieb 13, Austria – Live treatments
Ed Baxter, UK – Whahyersay
Elisabeth Eriksson, Sweden – Slefekarns Vals
Etienne Noiseau, France – petanque1 / petanque2 / tete a lenvers
Foofoofoo, Spain – grenouille foofoofoo
Frau Kraushaar, Germany – du kannst mir sehr gefallen / plingplong
gnd, Slovakia – sickkiss2_final
Hamster Dragster, UK – 1537
Harry Middleton, UK – Lion Lion
Herbert Gnauer, Orange 94.0 – Vienna
Jacques Foschia, brocante sonore, Belgium – N°1 / N°4 / poupée gonflable
Knut Aufermann, Hungary – Media art is dying
Krzysztof Topolski, Poland – dana dana da !
Little Sparta and Gerry Mitchell, UK – Fairy Lights
Maki, France – Ophélie, featuring Muriel Blanchard
Martin Williams, UK – Erm
Milos Vojtechovsky, Czech Republic – breath
Not-a-bird, France – 1shot
Pedro Lopes, Portugal – Expression#1
Pit Schultz, Germany – LIVE
Sarah Washington, Hungary – Electric Tag
Sexton Ming, UK – Tired Old Dog
Smack Miranda, UK – Radio Pigeon
the Beige Channel, USA – Gravity Problem No3
The Real Ricardo Reis, Portugal – quadrilha / invio
Tiago Bruno Mesquita Carvalho, Portugal – LIVE
Tim Girven, UK – OMAG / OMBA / OMEG
Todd Merrell, USA – 800 Hurts me
Vero Mota, Germany – BERLIN MP3
Wolfgang Kemptner, Germany – 2feuerwehrautos-1
Wolfgang Peter Menzel, Sweden – tangonight
Ye Text Blender, UK – Forget Your Toothbrush

Produced by Mobile Radio:

Show 076: sonictags

Since the current Radia Show is aired on the week of our Radio Territories conference: Media-Space-Society, our contribution is a mix of works produced for the 2nd Budapest RT workshop, featuring soundscapes by listeners and community radio broadcasters.
Our working group consisted of Tilos and other local community radio broadcasters, who – along with listeners set out to artistically conquer the Budapest airwaves with their small radio transmitters and special contents.
It is a mix of excerpts from works by Tamás Opitz (listener, videoartist) using Spanish language political speeches, Tomanek (Tilos broadcaster) walking in the rain with Grace Jones, Tamás Kenderes (listener, electric engineer) reinterpreting the great War of the Worlds and Gabriel Dubuc (listener, intermedia artist) recording the atmosphere of a local Spanish language nursery school and a singing fest.