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Show 037: greetings from vienna – acoustic postcards

contributed by orange 94.0, vienna

greetings from vienna – acoustic postcards
how does vienna sound? what is typical and what is untypical? are there specific every-day sounds which only exist in vienna? do audible counterparts of sights exist? what does the dignity of sounds consist of? when do they become replaceable?

this radia contribution gathers sound miniatures of 17 artists, each based on an original sound recorded in vienna. artists in order of appearance: astrid schwarz, werner moebius, the zombiemouse aka karl kilian, ilse chlan, raumschiff engelmayr, johannes paul heilig, joerg piringer, lale rodgarkia-dara, arno splinks, barbara kaiser, bernhard gal, ernst reitermaier, arnold haberl aka noid, ulrich troyer, kera nagel, andré aspelmeier aka gradcom


Show 018: random, voices, choir, questions

consists of 3 pieces from 3 different artists:

„Feif Minuten“
Caroline Hofer (text, voice), Jens Döring (music, production), Max Czerwenka (voice, recording) – additional voice contributions by Resonance FM and riist
Feif Minuten is a random play. Made of: music, ambience and speech – mixed into a piece of 11.294 seconds – in any combination, as often as you want. This way mini-radioplays emerge which can be used as inspiring appetizers or in-betweens. The sentences are taken from every-day life, fantasy, the present, the past and the future.

„Von AHA bis WELL“
Lale Rodgarkia-Dara
Each language has its own filler words and filler sounds which give time for thoughts to develop and build bridges from one sentence to the next. The piece creates an international conversation exclusively made of these words and sounds. Interviews with people speaking different languages are used as audio footage.

“Will it become a choir? – An acoustic world-tour across Vienna”
Ilse Chlan
“Will it become a choir?” takes the polylingual atmosphere of Vienna which is constituted by the coexistence of the different languages as a starting point. Migrants speak about their life and their experiences in Vienna. They came to Vienna for all different kinds of reasons: as refugees, students, artists, looking for work. They speak in many different languages. Will their voices become a choir?

Show 009: Wet Interviews

a cut of a 2-hours livestreaming performance at the lavatory of a
turkish/kurdish restaurant in vienna
bilingual turkish/english
topic: turkey and the rest of europe
during the performance the very narrow lavatory of the restaurant was completely crowded. the turkish speaking participants who did radio for the first time in the end actually had become the moderators of the show.
the german speaking participants where not allowed to speak german to mirror the fact that in the globalized world we increasingly have to manage our existence as tourists and foreigners.

more info on http://www.kein.org/keinwiki/WetInterviews
artists: www.neuemethode.de, www.dildos-in-arms.de

download from http://www.neuemethode.de/wet-interviews-endmix.ogg