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Show 252: Small Journeys Long Distance by Lucinda Guy

Shows from the Radia Network travel… from one artist’s ears to another’s. From one small community to another, far away. Within the shows journeys take place too, whether a walk through the shopping centre or a trip into space.
This collage, built from fragments of some of 2009’s contributions, celebrates these journeys large and small; what they have in common and what sets them apart.

Replacement show
This show is an abridged version of the one made for Kunstradio on ORF in Austria. If you’d like to hear the full version it’s here:

Small Journeys Long Distance features extracts from:
Out of Space, War of the Worlds from Orange 94.0
Our Domestic Radiation by Anna Friz for Free103point9
Snow Squabbles by Neil Griffith, Cathy Inouye Caroline Kunzle for Ckut
Incidental Parallels by Pôm Bouvier B. for Radio Grenouille
Radiodance Opus.01: Y Do B?, by F. Ribeiro, for Rádio Zero
Silence Radio: Ruisselle by Philippe Vandendriessche; Greetings from Italy by Damien Magnette; Nous, les Défunts by Yannick Dauby,from Radio Campus
Stiller Marktschrei by Stephan Roth from Orange 94.0
Closing Down, by GilbertandGrape from Soundart Radio
This Means War by Andrej Ancevski for Kanal 103, Skopje
Fragments of Stratford Shopping Centre by Martin Williams for Resonance 104.4fm
The Forester And Me by Maarten Lauwaert and Joris Van Damme for XL Air
Rug Radio by Maria Papadomanolaki for Free103point9
Flare: Real Energy World By Eva Ursprung for Klubradio/Herbstradio
Why Don’t You Go Home? by Cathryn Morgan Richards for Soundart Radio
Awaiting for the Waters to Rise by Frederic Alstadt for Radio Campus
Mayon Volcano by Andreas Loeschner Gornau for Radio Corax
Playground: Art Games by Miss Gunst for Radio X

Show 251: Glimpses of a revolution backstage

This program, done on behalf of Rádio Zero, consists of the unedited recordings of the military operational communications that occurred during the 25th April 1974 in Portugal, the so called “carnation revolution”. It is a raw window to the dynamic of a military push converted popular revolution that ended 40 years of dictatorship and jump started dreams and hopes which, like all revolutions, are still to be fulfilled.

Show 250: Nouvelles Hybride by Derek Sein

For this Radia show 250, Radio Campus Bruxelles ordered a piece from Derek Sein : Un remix anti-délire du remix délirant de la Nouvelle Hybride consacré à Apomorphine de W.S. Burroughs / Derek Sein’s proposal : Another anti-delirious remix of the delirious remix of a past radio program inspired by Apomorphin, a text by W.S. Burroughs; noise but drony, enjoy!

With Les Nouvelles Hybrides, Derek Sein is creating programs on Radio Campus each saturday night to early sunday, since 20 years, it’s 100% home-made, using no computer…

Show 249: A New Year Show by Lucinda Guy

This is a traditional story about when the moon fell in the river, became trapped by bad fairies and rescued by villagers. I’ve retold it for Radia including recordings made during the last year, mostly of my children and friends playing in a river. There’s also music improvised by children. There are some hymns and carols, some of which first appeared as part of my ‘swimming in the stream’ radio series, using our station’s webstream to create loops and effects.

Thanks to:
Children at Bidwell Brook school, Dartington, who created some of the music Catherine Guy, who sings Shakespeare’s full fathom 5 with me
Ergo Phizmiz who reads the part of the man who fell in.
Beowulf, Artemis, Marlowe and Demeter who played in the river and chatted.
Ariane Delaunois, Nell Harrison and Kate Paxman who also recorded the children at our workshops last summer.

Happy New Year from all at Soundart Radio

Show 248: Albert & Serge by Erik Samakh

Erik Samakh was in residence in Cameroon by the end of December 2008. Thanks to his partnership with a Pallisco-certified logging company that implements sustainable forest management, he had the chance to visit the forest area in the upper Nyong division of Eastern Cameroon.

He meant to bring the forest sounds back to the urban space, as a way to highlight the break that is often felt by inhabitants in large urban mega-cities .

A sensory way to remind the major importance – on symbolic, emotional and environmental levels – of a forest that physical distance could devote to a silent degradation.

For Radia, Erik Samakh offers an immersive experience in the most remote zone of Makalayathat mountains, a quasi-primary forest, still untapped, where ape calls keep resounding in a near-dialogue with humans, Albert and Serge…