show 844: GOYA 275 by TEA FM

Francisco de Goya es considerado uno de los más grandes artistas de la historia, considerado como el padre del Arte Contemporáneo. Este año 2021 se conmemora el 275 aniversario del nacimiento de este aragonés universal.

Es indudable que Francisco de Goya fue un artista en continuo contacto con las ideas de su tiempo, y de forma más concreta con las ilustradas, a través de todos sus canales usuales de difusión: las tertulias, las relaciones de amistad, las obras literarias o la prensa periódica.

Descubramos a través de la combinación de inspiraciones sonoras basadas en las Pinturas Negras de Goya, el camino variante de la luz, como nacimiento de una fuerza similar a la vida, atravesando las etapas ineludibles del enigma en que radica la existencia tal y como la experimentamos. Desde la génesis hasta las estancias que nos desentrañan, alcanza las tinieblas del sueño, para aproximarse a su final. Donde todo concluye y desaparece. Aunque bien pudiera ser que emergiera en algún tiempo, más allá de la conciencia.

Francisco de Goya is considered one of the greatest artists in history, considered the father of Contemporary Art. This year 2021 marks the 275th anniversary of the birth of this universal Aragonese.

There is no doubt that Francisco de Goya was an artist in continuous contact with the ideas of his time, and more specifically with the illustrated ones, through all his usual channels of diffusion: social gatherings, friendship relations, literary works or the periodical press.

Let us discover through the combination of sound inspirations based on Goya’s Black Paintings, the variant path of light, as the birth of a force similar to life, going through the inescapable stages of the enigma in which existence lies as we experience it. . From the genesis to the rooms that unravel us, it reaches the darkness of the dream, to approach its end. Where everything ends and disappears. Although it could well be that it emerged at some time, beyond consciousness.

GOYA 275. A TEA FM Radio School Production.

Voice: Luis Trebol

Sound Design: Chuse Fernandez

Show843 : Vide&Co (Radia edit) (Radio Panik)


2021, the year of the Ba Da Bing Ba Da Boom. Radio PANdemIK, a show that was so 2020, decides to change and becomes Vide&Co : into sounds rather than words, based on live improvisation rather than edited pre-recordings. Still very collective. Featuring Anne, Arthur, Bérenger, Chédia, Émilie, Laure, Leslie & Lydia

2021, année du tagada-tsouintsouin, Radio PANdemIK se réinvente! Voici une suite. Plutôt dans le son que dans la parole, en improvisation en direct plutôt qu’en montage prééenregistré, mais toujours infiniment collectif et panikéen! Avec: Anne, Arthur, Bérenger, Chédia, Émilie, Laure, Leslie et Lydia

show 842: Royal Raymond Rife And His Mortal Oscillatory Rates by Radio Worm

Dr. Rife Audios

This radiophonic piece is inspired by the work of Royal Raymond Rife  (1888 – 1971). He was a  scientist, engineer and inventor now considered ‘The Nikola Tesla of the Medical World’. In 1931 he built the Universal Microscope achieving optical magnifications of over 30,000 times.  It enabled him to observe microorganisms and viruses in a living state.
Rife believed that if he could discover the vibrational frequencies at which disease-causing microorganisms vibrated, he then could bombard them with that frequency until they shook so hard they exploded.
By endless watching and trying out frequencies Rife claimed to have documented  “Mortal Oscillatory Rates” for various pathogenic organisms and by sending out those rates with a  Beam Ray Device Rife cured significant numbers of people infected with various infections.
Incredible claims of success (including cure for cancer) and support by credible observers were institutionally avoided, minimized and obstructed so that–if there was indeed evidence to support them– would never see the light of day or any chance of acceptance by mainstream medicine. Royal Raymond Rife remains one of the unsung heroes of the fringe science underground.
For this piece original Rife radio frequencies have  been scalar-converted into audible range. Two Rife frequency sets will be broadcasted claiming to destroy Covid19.
Other healing sounds used in this work are; Solfeggio frequencies, the sound of the Multiple Wave Oscillator (Georges Lakhovsky), High Voltage Electro Therapy (Nicola Tesla), Binaural Beats (Heinrich Wilhelm Dove)).
Made by Robert Kroos,

Produced by Worm/Lukas Simonis

Show 841: klimatolypse jetzt by Peta Klotzberg & Max Glatz (Radio Orange 94.0


when the actor max glatz and performance artist peta klotzberg challenged themselves to create the auditive experience of a radio play – “klimatolypse jetzt” – they where looking for a project that captured issues arising out of the now + here. while some of the scenes have a dreamlike logic and are quite associative, they tried to scetch a scenario of a not-so-far climatolypse resulting from today ́s problems, and our constant overlooking of climate crisis agendas. so the play arises out of a clash of reality and distopia.

peta klotzberg is a vienna-based performance artist who avails herself to experiments with text, methods of acting, physical body movement and improvisational dance and recently with auditative tools such as music, sound and noize as instruments of communication and spreading ideas. the content of her works circulates around preservation and protection of given ressources as well as keeping a critical eye on structures of systems in the big picture as well as everyday issues. austrian theater actor and performer, max glatz studied philosophy and acting in vienna. he played i.a. in Dschungel Wien, Teater im Spielraum, with theater.wozek,, TimeOut and Bluatschwitz black box. his work centers around spiritual and ecological themes. „klimatolypse jetzt“ is his first radio work. we both feel deeply connected to nature and are concerned about climate change and how we are wasting our resources.

the creation process of the radio play lasted about a year and a half and we did research in magazines, newspapers, videos and documentaries which took us all around the globe in our minds. during this time many things occurred such as forest fires in california and australia, thawing permafrost soil, a collective of accusers marching towards the European Court of Justice to sue the governments… we developed some fairy-tale-like and some more realistic characters, who are more or less lovable. there is the chaotic and leisurely university professor dr. florian lichter, e.g., who is burning for the issues of climate change in his public speeches. some strange guy who ́s profession it is to applaud such unconvenient climate savers in a way that they are silenced. a teflon-coated chancellor and his lady sunshine, observed in both public and private. you will meet a a triangle of revolutionists deep down in an austrian forest planning to take over the world by the help of trained martens and a gas that interferes with the nervous system and controls the minds of mankind in a strange way…

for “klimatolypse jetzt” – our first radio play – we experimented with acting techniques, with recording of sounds, such as martens running across metal surfaces and spent hours searching in open source sound libraries and asked native russian speakers to help out with a short dialogue on “sissy brooch and mozartkugeln”. we also used the form of ancient greek chorus, a revolutionary manifest, direct speech, interviews and narrative, and drew a bow to st. stephan ́s place with its famous pigeons and accordeon sounds. we took interest in writing a modern fairy tale.

sit back, listen and enjoy the journey.

max glatz & peta klotzberg (radio play), katrin daliot (presentation)
home recording and free sources under creative common licence
“erbarme dich” from j. s. bach, st. matthew passion
“aloha ́oe” by liliʻuokalani, performed by kahealani hamakua, kaniho giminiz, and aldrine guerrero,
recording studio:
florian widhalm,

Production: 2020