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show 844: GOYA 275 by TEA FM

Francisco de Goya es considerado uno de los más grandes artistas de la historia, considerado como el padre del Arte Contemporáneo. Este año 2021 se conmemora el 275 aniversario del nacimiento de este aragonés universal. Es indudable que Francisco de Goya … Continue reading

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Show843 : Vide&Co (Radia edit) (Radio Panik)

2021, the year of the Ba Da Bing Ba Da Boom. Radio PANdemIK, a show that was so 2020, decides to change and becomes Vide&Co : into sounds rather than words, based on live improvisation rather than edited pre-recordings. Still very … Continue reading

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show 842: Royal Raymond Rife And His Mortal Oscillatory Rates by Radio Worm

This radiophonic piece is inspired by the work of Royal Raymond Rife  (1888 – 1971). He was a  scientist, engineer and inventor now considered ‘The Nikola Tesla of the Medical World’. In 1931 he built the Universal Microscope achieving optical … Continue reading

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Show 841: klimatolypse jetzt by Peta Klotzberg & Max Glatz (Radio Orange 94.0

when the actor max glatz and performance artist peta klotzberg challenged themselves to create the auditive experience of a radio play – “klimatolypse jetzt” – they where looking for a project that captured issues arising out of the now + … Continue reading

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Show 840: cancelled

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