Show 509: SLOWNESS by Martin Georgievski from Kanal103

Slowless is a conceptual sound of elements of music slowed down beyond recognition with sounds retrieved from violin, vocals, synthesizers and other noise sounds from the city. This sound might be sound of any city you want it to be. Each city has its own unique sound, but anyone who works with the sound knows that every city has a inimitable soundscape . So let’s make a musical journey through the cities. Martin Georgievski is a conceptual artist, sound designer, musician, and graphic designer. Experimenting with different sounds of guitar, synths and field recordings, Macedonian producer Martin Georgievski a.k.a Amplidyne Effect creates an interpolation of ambient, experimental and electronic music, ranging from subtle drones to noise-rock. This is a piece specially produced for inspired and dedicated to the city.

Show 507: Against the tide

A programme from Soundart Radio in South Devon, UK, about the River Dart.

We walked down to the river for a listen, and asked people that we met for their stories. Some of these stories we put into bottles and threw back in.

We send this programme out into the world along with seven small glass bottles, and ask you to get in touch should you find one.

Produced by Rafael Aptroot, James Blagdon, Sue Coulson, Robert Davidson, Lucinda Guy, Matthew Jee and Jared Pope.

For more information or to get in touch visit

Show 506: Dancing Fire by Anne Lepère (Radio Campus Bruxelles)

Some of our fears are dancing inside… Burning everything around…

This is about a journey; trying to find a way to calm down this fire, live with it, dance with it… Without any fear.

Travelling through religions, meeting people, can feed and appease the inside,
But this will be vain effort if devoided of reappropriation.

Expurgating, singing, dithering… Repossess the actions.

An appropriation of the outside to feed the inside.
To face the fears and
be there…

Dancing Fire

Réalisation & Mixage : Anne Lepère
Duration : 23’45
Special Thanks to : Carine Demange, Amélie Marneffe and Gota Slick for their support and advices.
Production November 2014 for RADIA
Carte Blanche offered by Radio Campus Bruxelles

It is also connected to this painting by Twiggy Alexis for the project Diptik (cross media project to discover soon in Brussels), with this shift from dark to light by this little blank square as the door of this sound creation : Dancing Fire

– – –

The second piece attached in this show is this one :

Realisation & mixage : Anne Lepère
Duration : 2’54
Autoproduction 2012

Contact :

Show 505: That thing about repetition

“That thing about repetition, that I just keep finding in so many bits of my life”

We visited the studios of craftspeople to learn more about their creative process, the materials they use, how they came to do what they do. We recorded their voices and their work to create ‘the radio craftsperson’s toolbox’ – a collection of sounds for crafting new radio works that explore the creative process.

You will hear from:

Michael Honnor, printmaker

Hilary Burns, basketmaker

Taja, potter

Yuli Somme, feltmaker

Chris Taylor, ceramics

A collaboration between Soundart Radio, Devon Guild of Craftsmen and the Community Media Association. Produced by Alice Armstrong, Chris Booth, Sarah Gray, Lucinda Guy, Chris Mockridge and Shannon Mockridge.