Show 090: ma[Marseille] by François Parra

François Parra usually uses sound as a structural material ofdevices and interactive installations. Thus he’s more familiar with relations between sound and space than with composition.

This time for Radia listeners, he conceived a trajectory-piece whose title, ma[Marseille], sounds as a series of singular points of views on the city where he lives – and maybe as an ironic reference to MySpace?… This stammering title also calls into question what one means with that word: Marseille has become a product as well, a trademark, that local decision-makers are selling – some would add ‘cheaply’.

ma[Marseille] is a work on the meaning of the words through how they sound. François captured melody, phrasing and accent in inhabitants’ voices and returned them into a musical form. In counterpoint he processed disembodied synthesis voices. His composition questions the words that have been pinned on his city. Actually, Marseille has for ages and from all sides been covered with words, images and legends, always contradictory and continually renewed.

Show 089: Radio Lab Workshop

free103point9 Program Director and Transmission Artist Tom Roe will present a Radio Lab workshop as well as discuss his work with Joe Milutis’s students in The Department of Modern Culture & Media at Brown University. Roe discusses free103point9’s early history, and microcasting history in the United States in the 1990s, as well as exploring transmission art and playing brief examples of performances from free103point9’s Tune (In))) The Kitchen with Scanner, Gregory Whitehead, Thurston Moore, Michelle Nagia, and others.

Show 088: Sargasso sea – The nest

the documentation of the sound and music program The Nest of Games, located in the Rudolfinum Gallery in Prague 2000. A three weeks exhibition of sound objects, performances, concerts.
The recording collage recall the event visited by 20 000 people, interacting with approximatelly 30 sound installations, creating noise unheard in the decent gallery for contemporary art. The project was conceived by Intermedia artist Petr Nikl. In the collage included fragments from sound performances of Hans van Koolwijk, Bambuso Sonoro, Oldrich Janota, Lubos Fidler, Horologe of Dreamers and a field recording from a gasholder in Kladno. recordings: Michael Delia