Show 026: Gegen Die Bridge by Serhat Koksal

Serhat Köksal aka 2/5 BZ, a regular contributor to, performs with samplers, saz, tapes, electronics, darbouka and spoken word.
His style varies between traditional music via experimental electronic sounds to improvisation with elements of popular Turkish cinema. His visual works borrow from zine and poster aesthetics and are collages of 70s and 80s Turkish melodrama and action films, political propaganda and media imageries of social phenomena.

Show 025: by Luis Antero and his project Out Level

here it is, the first out-of-the-house RIST production, bringing a new artist to the sound waves, Luis Antero and his project Out Level. Luis Antero is a self-tought amateur musician working in the experimental music universe. The show is 50 min long, in two sets, using processed electric guitar and samples (TV, spoken word and vinil (these by Aguila). the work is licenced under a creative commons licence.

at the end, has bonus, a production from the second release of a very good netlabel, comfort stand: Twizzle – Soda Fountain

Show 024: Brouillage

This program is based on texts written by the French poet Armand Robin. During the 50ies and 60ies he spent most of his time listening to shortwave radio stations in various languages, comparing the evolution of propagandist reporting. He was then publishing a weekly listening report that he printed and distibuted himself (I think it was 23 copies, made with a stencil printing machine). In this programme, readings of bits of text (it’s in french) are mixed with various sounds, a lot of them sampled from my friends Martiens Go Home.