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Show 993: Ís (glace) jörð (terre) eldi (feu) vindur (vent) by Barylin Tone (Jet fm).

(Picture taken by Julien Bellanger, november 2023)

Featuring Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir, Doris Abéla & Annaïck Domergue.
With sounds and some music by eauchaude (https://eauchaude.bandcamp.com/album/live-recording-sland).
Ís (glace) jörð (terre) eldi (feu) vindur (vent) is an imaginary soundscape based on the fantasma of Iceland, mainly made with a baritone guitar, an oniric and telluric view of this particular country, inspired by impressions from litterature, music, sound, photography. This long time fantasma has reborn by meeting the great Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir few months ago.
The reading is a chapter from the book Dyralif (La Vérité sur la Lumière) by Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir read by herself (french translation by Eric Boury, reading by Annaïck Domergue)
O2 / Sofðu unga ástin mín is a song by eauchaude.

Show 969: 720 to 28 or the impossible summary (Jet fm)

12 hours of a poetry marathon performance compressed in a 28 minutes radio show. All material recorded live during the 23rd edition of Midi Minuit Poésie festival in Nantes, France, october 14th 2023.
Cast, in order of appearence: Pauline Catherinot & Bruno Chevillon, Magali Brazil, Pascale Monnier & Ryan Kernoa, Claro, Guillaume Dorvillé & Emma Anselmetti-Laffont, Didier Bourda & Sylvain Chauveau, Galina Rymbu & Marina Skalova, Virginie Poitrasson & Joce Mienniel, Juliette Mézenc, Stomach Cie/Vanessa Vallée, Antoine Boute, Lisette Lombé & Cloé du Trèfle.
Cut & mix in a more or less random way by Henri Landré.

More to know: https://midiminuitpoesie.com/
More to listen: https://www.jetfm.fr/midi-minuit-poesie-23/

Show 943: Ritournelle, a live performance by EauChaude (for Jet FM)

Performance live d’EauChaude (eauchaude.bandcamp.com/)

avec :
ritournelle, déambulation, lecture, voix, réminiscence, chant, fanfare, bruits , fondu, sans attendre et ailleurs
sources :
Ste Soline (79), logiciel Ibniz et lesobscurs.wordpress.com/
with :
ritornello, wandering, reading, voice, reminiscence, singing, fanfare, noises, fading, without waiting and elsewhere
sources :
Ste Soline (79), Ibniz software and lesobscurs.wordpress.com/
img : 25mars2023

Show 916: Recalcitrant Electronics by Julien Mérieau (Jet fm)

Recalcitrant Electronics

Without apparent thematic, assembled like a string of pearls this piece stages some formal obsessions of Mulot’s work since its origins. Micro-manifesto and lesson of sound art, blow of projector in the meanders of the archives it is a possible synthesis, floating, not exhaustive of several aesthetic obsessions, which are akin with the clandestinity of the radio pirates, the will to go further in the explorations of the radio medium.

A large part of the fragments originates from our private collection whose physical supports and origins are very varied (Found Sound) not to say improbable, saved at arm’s length, when they are not stolen or obtained under threat. The others are methodically punctured from a file conceived for the real time mixing, a hudge sorting station, a table of the elements and a visionary building site, infinitely ramified, whose finality would relate to a kind of total mix.

The proposal also recycles some debris of unfinished musical pieces. Its title is borrowed from one of the vocal fragments used in the piece. Basically, it can be considered as an additional track to the radio vinyl Quartz Locked, released by Warm in 2015, another synthesis, fragmentary, of more than twenty years of radio experiments in the shadow of any legal framework, of the contemporary art network and of the supposed expectation of an audience that should never accept anything less than dazzling, solar insurrections and other gestures pertaining to radical poetry. Listening with headphones strongly recommended.

Radio Mulot aka France Museau / Stream URL :
Description : http://fieldmice.free.fr/mulot2.htm
Souscription : https://radiomulot.bandcamp.com

Abstract photographer, author and sound artist Julien Mérieau is the founder of the well-named Radio Mulot aka France Museau (1997-2022). Enfant terrible of french photography, willingly polemist and irreverent his dismissal led him to found with a reduced team a large-scale pirate station, in a way to set up his own art gallery, transposing years of plastic, conceptual or visual arts concerns to sound arts and programming. Inspired by Dadaism, Situationism and the culture of Industrial Music this project has continued to multiply experiments and explorations, much of which remains in the archives. A Journal recounting this adventure, between existential chronicle, prose poetry and theoretical fragments should be published in 2023. Julien Mérieau is also the founder and continuator of the following projects: La Nouvelle Photographie, Cinéma Immobile, La Chambre Introuvable. According to his friend Gerard Malanga, Julien Mérieau is said as “the best keep France’s secret.”

http:// fieldmice.free.fr/call_fire_emergency/TeXTes

Recalcitrant Electronics

Sans thématique apparente, montée comme un collier de perles, cette pièce met en scène quelques obsessions formelles du travail Mulot depuis ses origines. Micro-manifeste et leçon d’art sonore, coup de projecteur dans les méandres des archives, elle est une synthèse possible, flottante, non exhaustive de certaines obsessions esthétiques, lesquelles ne sont pas sans lien avec la clandestinité des radio pirates, la volonté d’aller plus loin dans les explorations du média radio. Une grande partie des fragments s’origine de notre collection privée dont les supports physiques et les provenances sont très variés (Found Sound) pour ne pas dire improbables, sauvés à bout de bras, quand ils ne sont pas dérobés voire obtenus sous la menace. Les autres sont méthodiquement ponctionnées à partir d’un dossier conçu pour le mixage en temps réel, véritable gare de triage, tableau des éléments et chantier visionnaire, infiniment ramifié, dont la finalité relèverait d’une sorte de mix total. La proposition recycle aussi quelques débris de pièces musicales non abouties ou inachevées. Son titre est emprunté à l’un des fragments vocaux, magnifique, utilisé dans la pièce. Au fond, on peut la considérer comme un morceau additionnel au vinyle radiophonique Quartz Locked, paru chez Warm en 2015, une autre synthèse, fragmentaire, de plus de vingt ans d’expériences radio à l’ombre de tout cadre légal, des milieux de l’art et de l’attente supposée d’un auditoire qui ne devrait jamais rien accepter en deçà de l’éblouissement, des insurrections solaires et autres gestes relevant de la poésie radicale. Écoute au casque fortement recommandée.

Radio Mulot aka France Museau / Stream URL :

Description : http://fieldmice.free.fr/mulot2.htm

Souscription : https://radiomulot.bandcamp.com

Photographe abstrait, auteur et artiste sonore, Julien Mérieau est le fondateur de la bien nommée Radio Mulot aka France Museau (1997-2022). Enfant terrible de la photographie, volontiers polémiste et irrévérencieux, sa mise au banc l’aura conduit à fonder avec une équipe réduite une station pirate de grande envergure, de sorte à monter en quelque sorte sa propre galerie d’art, transposant des années de préoccupations plastiques, conceptuelles ou relevant des arts visuels vers les arts sonores et la programmation. Inspirée du dadaïsme, du situationnisme ou encore de la culture des musiques industrielles, ce projet n’a cessé de multiplier expériences et explorations, dont une grande part subsiste dans les archives. Un Journal relatant cette aventure, entre chronique existentielle, poésie en prose et fragments théoriques, devrait paraître courant 2023. Julien Mérieau est aussi le fondateur et continuateur des projets suivants : La Nouvelle Photographie, le Cinéma Immobile, La Chambre Introuvable.

http:// fieldmice.free.fr/call_fire_emergency/TeXTes

Show 891: EA by B2Lngr (Jet fm)

EA by B2Lngr
Live recording at home, at the bottom of the garden, in a small old litlle barn, during one week in June 2021.
With this audio material-friend (roland MC101 – piano – somasynth Ether – korg monotron – microbrut arturia – free birds and remix session livecoding (foxdot thank you Vlad ), slow tracks but some that mixes themselves, say “hello” and then leave.
Short titles, like pieces of stories ( a Code and a drama – The fall – so far – Pied sans à terre – a late sound – Ether – The hesitation waltz – 101 sonorities ), absent texts, a voice that we wait for.
Many thanks to the mastering (Yan Hart-Lemonnier), the artwork (Monajamois) and to p-node.org
-> more info : https://b2lngr1.bandcamp.com/releases or http://p-a-t.info/ or both or poems http://p-a-t.info/ctrlp/

Show 866: An acoustic wander through chruches by Freho & Akamatsu for Jet fm.

A train station, a place in the middle of the village, a church, a supermarket, an abandoned building, a park, a beach… Both artists Freho and Akamatsu propose an original sound creation to rediscover the areas of our daily lives. Recorders in hands, they capture the atmosphere and what it inspires to them, figuring a very personal and poetic lecture of it. So turn up your headphones and enjoy.

Recordings : Église Sainte-Croix, Nantes, France.

Additional text “La Religion” : Le Prophète – Khalil Gibran

Release date : 10 octobre 2021


Show 839: Special Show, excerpts from the 24h Radiophonic Creation Contest (Jet fm)

Last April 17th & 18th 2021, Jet fm organized the 4th edition of the 24h Radiophonic Creation Contest. A very simple proposition, open to everybody involved in radio and sound, which rules with two basic things: maximum ten minutes long and a constraint, and of course you got 24 hours to do the all thing. You could do it with a team or solo. Free forms. This year the constraint was “Machine Arrière” (i.e. backward machine but also stoping the way you do things and maybe trying another way). We receive something like 21 creations, all available here:
and there:
For this special radia show please welcome four of them:
La Nuit Au Théâtre – Machine Arrière
Déserter C’est Créer – Augustes Mémoires, machine arrière
Spaghetti Bolognaise – Ressorts
Cervisiam Potantes ad Coetus de Felibus – EOS


via archive.org

Show 838: Gau On by Antoine Bellanger (Jet fm)

GAU ON : A warm night of September, swept by southern wind.
Recorded by Antoine Bellanger in the night of septembre 24 to 25, 2020.
GAU ON only exists in 100% recycled vinyl. The sleeve was linoprinted
and screenprinted using as ink the ashes of pines fallen that night.

GAU ON : iraileko gau bat, haize hegoaren goxotasunean. Antoine
Bellanger-ek grabaturik, Saran, 2020ko irailaren 24tik 25erako gauean.
GAU ON bakarrik binilo birziklatu formatuan aurkitzen da. Azala
linograbaketa moduan inprimatua da eta serigrafiatzeko tinta, gau
honetan erori pinondo errautsekin egina.

GAU ON : Une nuit chaude de septembre balayée par le vent du sud.
Enregistrement par Antoine Bellanger dans la nuit du 24 au 25 septembre
2020 à Sare.
GAU ON existe uniquement en vinyle 100% recyclé. La pochette est
imprimée en linogravure et sérigraphie réalisées à l’aide d’encre de
cendres de pins tombés cette nuit là.

infos/contacts : https://antoinebellanger.hotglue.me

video: https://youtu.be/nyIAwqG7Mn4

Show 813: From Chaos to the Essential by Déserter c’est créer (Jet FM)

via archive.org

From Chaos to the Essential is a radiophonic piece made by Deserter c’est créer, a french duo who started playing during the lockdown.
She is a poet trying to find beauty in the mud of things.
He captures sounds trying to make sense with all that material.

From Chaos to the Esssential is part of the Ugly/Beauty project which could wear different artistic clothes like a poetry book, a play, some songs, field recordings, etc.
Following rivers and tides the piece started near La Loire, then crossing the Ocean on the back of the Kraken to flow with the St Laurent in Québec and back to France along La Charente.

More to listen:

Show 786: Langue de paysage by Izabela Matos & Anne Laure Lejosne (JET FM)

Langue de paysage
Izabela Matos & Anne-Laure Lejosne

“Niko ne zna šta znači roditi se i živeti na ivici između dva sveta, poznavati i razumevati jedan i drugi, a ne učiniti ništa da se oni objasne među sobom i zbliže, voleti i mrzeti i jedan i drugi, kolebati se i povoditi celog veka, biti kod dva zavičaja bez ijednoga, biti svuda kod kuće i ostati zauvek stranac; ukratko: živeti razapet, ali kao žrtva i mučitelj u isto vreme.“

“No one knows what it means to be born and live on the edge between two worlds, to know and understand one and the other,
not being able to do anything that they explain one another and to get them closer, to love and hate one and other, to hesitate and lead the entire century, to be in two but without a single homeland, to be everywhere at home and remain forever a foreigner; shortly:to live crucified, but as a victim and torturer at the same time. »

Ivo ANDRIĆ 1892-1995 Travnička hronika – La Chronique de Travnik (1945)

With / Avec les voix de : Boško Vujačić, Milan Mrdović, Bojana Peković, Nikola Jeknić, Miroslav Tanović, Louis, Analia, Paole,Georgie, Martina, Giorgio, Dražen, Ilija (Anne-Laure et Izabela)
And musics from / musiques de : Sveci blago dijele (Saint sdeivide their treasures), Ženidba Milića Barjaktara (The yedding of Milić standard-bearer), Car Lazar i Carica Milica, Dertum “Eleno Kerko”, Jorge Drexler “Al otro lado del rio”, Boško Vujačić, Milan Mrdović, Bojana Peković, Nikola Jeknić, Miroslav Tanović,Joao Gilberto “Maria ninguem”, Maria Bethânia “Purificar O Subae”

Soundcloud : Anne-LaureLejosne