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Show 437: ELECTRIC BLUE by Slavek Kwi for Curious Broadcast

All sounds generated from recordings within maternity hospital environment in Cavan, Ireland –
– including electromagnetic fields of diverse medical machines, musical toys, heartbeat pulsations and first breaths.
1. intro: james playing radio (extract) 1:11 – November 2012
2. james kwi being born 11:22   7.10.2010
3. jonah kwi being born 12:28    22.5.2012
4. epilogue: jonah playing organ (extract) 1:03 – January 2013
composed by Slavek Kwi

Show 412: Fresh Air by The Dublin Laptop Orchestra

Fresh Air is a large-scale sound art piece curated and created by the Dublin Laptop Orchestra. The piece was written to address the sad truth that many common, household and automobile air-fresheners are heavily carcinogenic. The fact that people are willing to put their lives in danger in order to preserve nothing more than the aesthetic qualities of their world typifies the form over function attitude prevalent in our society and is something which we felt was important to deal with. The work is in three sections, (1) Breathe In(side) by Brian Dillon, (2) Form by Gregory Jackson and (3) A Comparison of Worth by Bernhardt McKenna.

Listen here

Show 389: Abandon Reason by Declan Kelly, Curious Broadcast, IE

Abandon Reason is an archive of recordings made in the highly reverberant (and unlit) space of a disused underground car park in Galway, Ireland. The recordings are mostly musical improvisations utilising a wide variety of instruments and voices, and very often objects (as well as the walls and fixtures) found in the car park itself.

Abandon Reason will be an 8-part series of half-hour episodes broadcast fortnightly on Curious Broadcast. It is presented by Declan Kelly and, alongside the radio programme, there is a blog (reasonabandon.blogspot.com) on which can be found more information about the contributors to the show as well as photographs and videos of the space. Contributors to date include:

Jorge Boehringer (Core of the Coalman)
David Colohan (Raising Holy Sparks, Agitated Radio Pilot, United Bible Studies)
Aaron Coyne (Yawning Chasm)
Declan Kelly (DeclanQKelly, Yawning Chasm)
Annemarie Deacy (Mirakil Whip, Fuaimbhac)
Gerard Duffy (School Tour, Patrick Kelleher and His Cold Dead Hands)
Kate Glavey (Burrows)
Sarah Grimes (September Girls, Black Robots)
Tony Higgins (Junior85)
Vicky Langan (Wölflinge, curator of Black Sun in Cork)
Alice McDowell
Peter Moran
Brigid Power Ryce
Gavin Prior (Deserted Village, United Bible Studies)

Show 366: ATC Mix by John Gough

ATC Mix is a compilation of interactions between pilots and air traffic controllers from airports across the globe. The conversations range from controllers directing traffic at Dublin, Rio de Janiero and Barbados Airports to UFO sightings, an air force pilot ejecting from his burning jet and Air Force One taxiing out of a closed Manchester airport.

This show is  about the sounds of the radios used between the planes and the towers as much as the transmitted conversations. The human voices, radio interference and alert tones are used as source material for a series of improvisations using tape and feedback loops, digital effects and synthesis to morph the sounds into rhythmic patters and melodies which morph into an alien soundscape.

This program was inspired by the work of Keith Phelan at http://5p4c3.com/eist/le/shannon and the people who take the time to stream all the traffic over at http://www.liveatc.net/.

This program was created by John Gough at Curious Broadcast.

No souls were injured in the making of this program.