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Show 396: Mario Gauthier

Some Thing(s) from John Cage/ Quelque(s) Chose(s) de John Cage.

Montréal based audio artist and independent researcher  Mario Gauthier performed an hour-long radiophonic piece containing excerpts of writings and compositions by John Cage for the occasion of his centennial on September 5, 2012. Mario has prepared an abridged version of the original broadcast for radio, the result flows in a stream of consciousness manner weaving  Gautier voice, with Cage’s through text and and sound in  an enticing dialogue. Mario is a member of  the Montréal ensemble Theresa Transistor, and was a producer and host at The CBC in Montréal from 1986 – 2003.

Show 350: Magic Sound Mountain

On July 23rd, 2011 CKUT’s  Magic Sound Mountain Collective made a furtive ascent of Mount Royal and found a spot along one of the less trodden foot paths through the forest where they installed 6 hand made speakers that were used to diffuse multi channel sound compositions for the forest dwellers, invited guests and nature enthusiasts who happen upon the installation while enjoying a hike through the mountain.

Members of the  MAgic Sound Mountain collective:
Nicholas Estherer
Nathatly Arraiz
Tony Vaughan
Liz Pieries
Andrea-JAne cornell
Dominique Ferraton
Fjola Evans
Emanuelle Majeau-Bettez
Alanna MAcnevin
Taking the frequency and brightness of sound limitations imposed by the small speaker systems that was built by the Collective members, each member composed a piece for the forest. Recordings were made during the diffusion of the Magic Sound Mountain in the forest and were remixed with the sound pieces to create an over view of the Magic Mountain experience.

Invisible Audio: Nature is becoming invisible and is replaced by visible disposable products. For the piece, speakers will be put in and around a fake tree placed in the middle of nature.  Fabricated or Real ? Machinery or Humanity? Questioning the role of us as a community where nature is becoming a commodity in neighborhoods to suit the trends and needs of the current generation.  “are we taking a step back? forward? cycle.” This piece was created by t+l (television longplay). Tony and Liz are instruments from the magic sound box. They are sound artists mixing electro acoustics, music, spoken word and radio together.
Forest Singing: The forest sings, and as it shifts from natural to digital, can you tell who is out of their element? By Nathaly Arraizdescribes herself as being between a sound artist and a sound tech; she likes to observe, interpret and create.
“3 dialogues” (excerpts): This is a demonstration of some of Generic Media Group’s work in the field of nonspecific audio. Hundreds of dialogues from various films were analyzed to create a statistical model of contemporary conversations. From this model, excerpts from 6 dialogues were rendered. Generic Media Group provides services for those in need of nonspecific audio, video and text. Current projects include setting up clients with internet radio stations that offer unlimited access to guitar solos, sad music and domestic dialogues.
Internal natural buzzing: Fjola Evans is a cellist and sound-arranger living in Montreal, Canada.
piwiwounnnwooowoounnnng: Field recordings of native North American forest creatures mingle with foreign species. Bird song, whispers, spring peepers, Cicadas cicadas, electronic interventions, wind in the trees,and tambura. 4 channel piece, by andrea-jane cornell. Andrea-jane makes ambiances ferroviare-aquatique, clochettes-tiques, oiseau hydrophone, grenouilles grouillant with objects and field recordings.
Rules of Nature: An excursion in the wilderness, a walk in the woods: what freedom, what a complete detachment from the structure of our everyday lives. But is this really how it feels?  Our behaviour in these “wild” spaces is often so controlled that our actions are even more organized and limited than usual, by Dominique Ferraton. Dominique spends much of her time wandering in empty lots, knitting mittens, winding film in old cameras and creating sonic quilts made of found sounds and field recordings.
Priscault Sounds: Cette piece composee et pens&#233e par les jeunes musiciens ( de 8 a 17 ans) du Camp musical de Lanaudiere. Nous avons travaille avec leurs sons, leur musique, leurs voix et leurs histoires – leurs sons et musiques forment une de trame de base, et leurs voix, leurs histoires viennent ponctuer le tout.  Emanuelle Majeau-Bettezest une pianiste originaire de la region de Lanaudiere, Charles Beaudoin est pianiste et compositeur originaire de la Montegie et Felix Schneller est un compositeur qui se dirige desormais vers la philosophie. <b>Tous trois ont travaille avec les jeunes musiciens du Camp musical de Lanaudiere</b> pour la composition de cette piece.
Echoes from the Lincolnshire Poacher/Somewhere in the Western Desert: Two pieces in one. This piece uses field recordings, recorded instruments, recordings from The Conet Project, and a poem written by E.Y. Barnard, Lieutenant entitled there was the richness…. The poem was taken from Poems from the desert (1944), a collection of poems written by fighting men in the Eighth Army. The poem was translated and recited by Jacinthe Dupuis(French), Ali Gorji (Arabic, not included in final edit), and recited in English by Neil Griffith; they all deserve a huge thanks! Alanna Cecelia Jean MacNevin enjoys finding sounds and source materials that delight her and utilizing these materials to explore the process of making a variety of art.

Show 310: Idea of North

The Idea of North Revisited.

In 1967 Glen Gould, a famous Canadian pianist, produced a radio piece called “The Idea of North” for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.  The original “Idea of North” consists of five overlapping interviews mixed with ambient noises and has since become iconic in its representation of the Canadian themes of isolation, withdrawal, and solitude.  I always felt that perhaps the most interesting thing about this peice is that Gould neglected to interview a single Inuit person about his or her “Idea of North.”  So I felt that it would be an interesting and rewarding experiment to re-mix this peice with different perspectives of the north.  The Idea of North Revisited splices and dices the original radio work along with field recordings of the north; beat-boxing; phone messages; news footage of Canadian military expansion in the north; throat singers Ida Oweetaluk, Margaret Miner, Lisa Kasudluak, Anisie Nowkawalk; hip-hop beats constructed by youth from the Inter-Tribal Youth Centre in Montreal through the CKUT beat workshop; elders speaking about climate change in the arctic from the film Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change by Zacharias Kanuk and Dr. Ian Mauro; DJ Mad Eskimo, spoken-word artist Mosha Folger; field recordings by Nimalan Yoganathan; and a collage of sounds from Jana Winderen’s installation Energy Field.  Thanks to everyone who participated and left all those great messages on my phone!

Artist Bio: Cathy Inouye co-hosts the radio-art show Easy Sonic Living on CKUT.  She has previously collaborated on the Radia show Snow Squabbles with Neil Griffith and Caroline Kunzle.  As Ovaries of Steel she has performed at the Megapolis Festival in Baltimore in 2010 and in the 2011 edition of Nuit Blanche in Montreal.  She also plays tuba with the radical street marching band the Chaotic Insurection Ensemble and has played with Nic Caloia’s Ratchet Orchestra.



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Show 274: Words and Sentences

I said. He said. It was said. It was written. They wrote it. She thought it. I say, listen to CKUT as we dabble in that wild and wonderful thing we call language (the English language).
by ckut / Adelaid / Dominique Ferraton / Andrea-Jane Cornell / Alphie Primeau / Erin Weisgerber / Chris Hand

Show 244: work.labour.the grind

We all do it: work!
CKUT invites you to explore the diverse, and sometimes absurd, world of jobs.

work.labour.the grind
by ckut / Eric Boivin / Gabrielle Anctil / Jamie Woollard / Adelaid / Ashley Bowa / Cathy Inoyue / Esther B / Dominique Ferraton / Kaitlin Prest / Rachel Ni Chuinn
production: Rachel Ni Chuinn + friends

Show 229: Magic Soundbox Redux

What is radio?
What has your experience with radio been?
Did you ever wonder what a radio host looked like? How the voice would match the face?
Did you ever feel like your radio was talking only to you? Like you could almost see the lips of the radio host nearly pressed up to the microphone, almost uncomfortably so, that the host almost… entered your room?
Have you ever felt trapped by the radio?

Radio has a way of introducing you to thoughts, ideas, perspectives, things and sounds you may have never otherwise found. At any moment, there is something going out over the airwaves, dictated by the whims of the broadcaster. This faceless broadcaster, who enters and leaves through the revolving studio door, creates a relationship with an invisible audience: a one-sided dialogue.

Community radio welcomes the voices of the underworld that have fallen through the cracks to reside in the nooks and crannies in our society, and invites them onto the airwaves.

Radio is access: access to a number of worlds you may never be able to enter physically.

On July 16th, in a darkened box somewhere in Montreal, we invited listeners to sit with a room full of strangers, separated by only space and a thin black clothe from more than a dozen amateur and veteran radio-makers, and asked them to leave themselves to the whim of the radio broadcast. Now we invite you into Radioland – CKUT’S magic sound box – to indulge in musical soundscapes, story-telling, exploratory sonic installations and poetry.

All the sounds, including random sounds emitted by the audience, were captured by microphones dangled above the room, and broadcast over the airwaves of CKUT, reaching the ears of unsuspecting audience members in their cars, bedrooms, living rooms and bathtubs. This piece is a remixed of this very special eve.

Contributors include: Emilie Mouchous, Jay Gillingham, Andrea-Jane Cornell, Neil Griffith, Maria Mavrig, Chris Albinati, Tony Vaughan, Rafael Sacramento, Liz Pieries, Nick Dodd, Kaitlin Prest, Fortner Anderson, Courtney Kirkby and Rachel Ni Chiunn

Magic Sound Box Redux
by ckut / Emilie Mouchous / Jay Gillingham / Andrea-Jane Cornell / Neil Griffith / Maria Mavrig / Chris Albinati / Tony Vaughan / Rafael Sacramento / Liz Pieries / Nick Dodd / Kaitlin Prest / Fortner Anderson / Courtney Kirkby / Rachel Ni Chuinn
production: Courtney Kirkby / Rachel Ni Chuinn