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Show 246: Memento: Internationale by Adrian Hall

This an atmospheric work for radio which takes place inside the head, and the history, of an elderly man.

He dwells on moments and places he may have been, and the life in turn of his father.
The work is initially set in the shaving mirror of his home, and touches on mortality, and the trades of working men everywhere, be they learned in the military, or as an apprentice.
There is too a hint of criminal violence. Another way of making a living.
A recurring theme of blood, consumer objects and the nostalgic history of radio itself allows him to meander in his mind, and to reflect on a life of change. A single human voice is contrasted with recordings of vintage radio commercials extolling the virtues of the workers behind production lines, now derelict: and the narrations of the old man are largely carried by synthesised voices from a computer. The purring of a cat overtakes and completes his domestic reveries.

Show 244: work.labour.the grind

We all do it: work!
CKUT invites you to explore the diverse, and sometimes absurd, world of jobs.

work.labour.the grind
by ckut / Eric Boivin / Gabrielle Anctil / Jamie Woollard / Adelaid / Ashley Bowa / Cathy Inoyue / Esther B / Dominique Ferraton / Kaitlin Prest / Rachel Ni Chuinn
production: Rachel Ni Chuinn + friends

Show 243: playground : art games

join us on the playground and enjoy…

miss gunst wants to thank the following artists and sound creators for creating wonderful pieces and sharing them on freesound:
lonemonk, shades, freesound, dobroide, cognito perceptu, freqman, jaava73, onive and fieldmuzick as well as freesound for being such a great resource for sound workers.

Show 242: Mayon Volcano by Andreas Loeschner Gornau

Mayon Volcano is the title of a multi-layer art work by Andreas Loeschner Gornau, an artist from Halle living on the Philippines.
Loeschner visited the island from 2006 on several times- also during the catastrophe in 2006 after long rain and volcano activities. Our half an hour pictures the emotional impacts during the travels. Loeschner’s voice got a little help by his personal computer.

Show 241: Tarikh Korula NY Art Book Fair

This Radia show from free103point9 in New York comes from Tarikh Korula’s performance Sat. Oct. 3 at the NY Art Book Fair sponsored by the Printed Matter book store at P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center in Queens. Korula says of the performance: “I’ve always been too cheap to collect vinyl. Instead, over the past decade, I’ve amassed an eclectic mix of sound files that I’ve used in installation and improvised performance. For the Book Fair show, I’m using two turntables and a broken crossfader to que, mix and manipulate sound from my quirky archive. Sounds include brown noise, EMS dispatches, contact mic recordings of buildings, personal compositions, reappropriated media and archival news and radio reports. The hope is to create a spartan and at times dense collage of sound, documentation and fiction.”

Show 240: Cuisine Viennoise by Udo Israel

This time the RADIA-Team of ORANGE 94.0 presents a show from Udo Israel. In order to finish and start a new old life he agreed to produce an end into cuisine.

Tafelspitz is considered to be the national dish of Austria. If you visit the Austrian capital Vienna, you for sure will find this speciality on almost every menu. But the world famous so called Viennese Cuisine developed from very different sources. The former Austro-Hungarian monarchy was a living multicultural empire, influencing the culture, language and of course cuisine of its capital. Even today Vienna is a melting pot of various cultures. „Cuisine Viennoise“ is a journey through kitchens, restaurants and Take aways in Vienna collecting recepies and stories about dishes very often cooked today.

Show 239: Morsonata by Mobile Radio

replacement for cancelled show

This is the radia edit of an hour long live radio show produced by Mobile Radio for the FON festival in Barrow-in-Furness, England.
With Barrow being home to Europe’s biggest submarine shed and neighbouring Lake District having hosted Kurt Schwitters for the last years of his life we decided to combine these two influences. Schwitters’ Ursonate performed in morse code by one of Barrow’s retired submariners is the underlying thread to the show that includes live music and field recordings by FON artists in residence Haco, Susan Matthews, Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann.