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Show 089: Radio Lab Workshop

free103point9 Program Director and Transmission Artist Tom Roe will present a Radio Lab workshop as well as discuss his work with Joe Milutis’s students in The Department of Modern Culture & Media at Brown University. Roe discusses free103point9’s early history, and microcasting history in the United States in the 1990s, as well as exploring transmission art and playing brief examples of performances from free103point9’s Tune (In))) The Kitchen with Scanner, Gregory Whitehead, Thurston Moore, Michelle Nagia, and others.

Show 088: Sargasso sea – The nest

the documentation of the sound and music program The Nest of Games, located in the Rudolfinum Gallery in Prague 2000. A three weeks exhibition of sound objects, performances, concerts.
The recording collage recall the event visited by 20 000 people, interacting with approximatelly 30 sound installations, creating noise unheard in the decent gallery for contemporary art. The project was conceived by Intermedia artist Petr Nikl. In the collage included fragments from sound performances of Hans van Koolwijk, Bambuso Sonoro, Oldrich Janota, Lubos Fidler, Horologe of Dreamers and a field recording from a gasholder in Kladno. recordings: Michael Delia

Show 087: journal banal

a collective diary of the days october 25th to october 28th 2006

written and read by
barbara kaiser, caroline hofer, elffriede, elisabeth prinz, ernst reitermaier, fiona steinert, florian kmet, herbert gnauer and lale rodgarkia dara

insprired by an idea of elffriede and joerg piringer who found an old diary on a fleamarket which contained a lot of useless informations.

the sounds you will hear in this show have been recorded in the same period of time, october 25th to 28th 2006 and come from the daily surroundings of the autors
radio cut was done by ernst reitermaier.

Show 084: DAIRO at the Gasometer Oberhausen in Germany

This live recording was made at the KlangLangWelle event which was a Resonance104.4fm intervention as part of the radio.territories project.
21 master students from the Dutch Art Institute in Enschede were equipped with portable radios to create a live mix of a specially prepared soundtrack which was broadcast to them through a small FM transmitter. All this happened in the tallest venue in Europe with the most extreme acoustics, the 117m high and 68m wide gasometer in Oberhausen.
DAIRO performers were: Adamantia Nika, Anna Korteweg, Astrid Marit, Bani Bannwar, Chris Meighan, Dagmar Kriegesmann, Danielle Davidson, Emily Williams, Iris Tenkirk, Jae-min Kim, Jolanda Jansen, Julien Grossmann, Kamilla Szejnoch, Kevin Immanuel, Kristina Koskentola, Machteld Aardse, Meiyu Tao, Paula Bugni, Pavlina Verouki, Sonia Ribeiro, Tatia Skhirtladze.
Idea and production of the event and this show: Sarah Washington + Knut Aufermann (mobile radio)

Show 083: assembly line story

What kind of space is build by mixed references and what story can be build with them?

This lie that I bring you is a deception on senses. Like hidden small children hitting keys on a loose keyboard behind a curtain in front of an intelectual assistance. Well, what kind of “great art” do they perceive? Another way to put it is to go to a party and jump around conversations. Call it collage, call it pastiche but also composing and directing. It’s all about this: cut this bit here and join it there and present it through this very small door opening. What does it mean? The answer is, off course, between each pair of ears.

Show 082: wordgames

Radio Campus and Constant vzw ( present Wordgames, a rough radio mix.

featuring voices (Marijs Boulogne and An Mertens) recorded in the context of VebindingenJonctions 9
and music by Plochingen, Overthruster (2OKbps records) ( and Indu Mezu (20Kbps ecords)(

Show 081: just put some glue on it!

conference of the project radio.territories: interventions in urban space, vienna september 14th-17th 2006
based on recordings during the -media-space-society- conference and the audio-performance of reni hofmüller’s polyphonic orchestra, a small variation of memories and snipplets are cut up and newly arranged with some audio-glue.
pre-cut ernst reitermaier
production lale rodgarkia-dara