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Show 078: The Demonstration by Anna Friz

Mediascapes heard from radios suspended in the theatre, broadcast on 4 watts FM.
Originally designed for pirate radio broadcast as part of a youth theatre/media and democracy project in Toronto, Canada, spring 2006. I created a series of pieces to serve as mediascapes surrounding actors in a physical theatre, reflecting on themes suggested by participating high school students (ages 16-18) such as power, commercialized culture and media saturation, justice, and freedom. The pieces were heard from radios suspended in the theatre, broadcast on 4 watts FM.
Anna Friz is a sound and radio artist (and free103point9 transmission artist) who divides her time between Montreal and Toronto. For the past eight years she has predominantly created self-reflexive radio for broadcast, installation or performance, where radio is the source, subject, and medium of the work.
Friz has presented installation and performance works across Canada and in international media art contexts such as the Third Coast Audio Festival, Chicago; Digitales, Brussels; Club Transmediale, Berlin; Ars Electronica, Linz; die Akademie der Künste, Berlin; the Fifth International Biennial of Radio, Mexico City; and Arte Nuevo Interactiva, Yucatan. She has produced numerous original radio works for independent radio across Canada and the U.S., and for public radio in Canada, Austria, Germany, Denmark, and Mexico.
Anna is a Ph.D. candidate in the Joint Communications and Culture programme at York and Ryerson universities, Toronto.

Show 077: pluto song

radio Lemurie presents for

Shortcut from periodocal live radio sessions of radio Lemurie T.A.Z.

The first part of this programme (15 minutes) is dedicated to the change of the status of the planet (ex_planet) Pluto. With a tiny intention to be serious we are discussing fictional facts that are surrounding Pluto (planet or not).

Show 076: sonictags

Since the current Radia Show is aired on the week of our Radio Territories conference: Media-Space-Society, our contribution is a mix of works produced for the 2nd Budapest RT workshop, featuring soundscapes by listeners and community radio broadcasters.
Our working group consisted of Tilos and other local community radio broadcasters, who – along with listeners set out to artistically conquer the Budapest airwaves with their small radio transmitters and special contents.
It is a mix of excerpts from works by Tamás Opitz (listener, videoartist) using Spanish language political speeches, Tomanek (Tilos broadcaster) walking in the rain with Grace Jones, Tamás Kenderes (listener, electric engineer) reinterpreting the great War of the Worlds and Gabriel Dubuc (listener, intermedia artist) recording the atmosphere of a local Spanish language nursery school and a singing fest.

Show 074: My Foolish Machine by Caroline Kraabel

Caroline Kraabel presents a study of her foolish machine – the saxophone. Eight players with their saxophones of varying sizes are asked to present their foolish machines to the unsuspecting listener, what they can do and what they like to do with it. The results are multilayered. Besides Caroline one can hear amongst others Lol Coxhill on the soprano and Tony Bevan on the bass saxophone. Produced by Caroline Kraabel with help from Martin Williams

Show 073: exit art

this radia program is about ‘exit art’, an international project about art and radio that happened during the exit 06 festival in novi sad where we tryed to work line initiative and movement was working as macedonian part of this project
besides problems that happened during the preparing of the project and aside of the fun on the festival… short conversation with people behind this project has been made… we were also talking about other things related to the topics and radio… u can hear the atmosphere from exit strages and the danube beach in the background… also some cityscapes from novi sad…
languages are english and serbian
recordings production and voice by e.k.o.s.

Show 072: today

Imagine a time were bananas rule countries, and onions make peaches cry. Imagine a time where all Kofi Annan can do about bad middle eastern restaurant victims is to send his sympathy words. Imagine how Fidel Castro bowel sounds like and you should have a glimpse on what this show is all about. It’s not a timeless piece, it’s a show about today, about what is happening right now! In a quite alternative fashion, japur and d’Lay improvise some tunes while making no sense at all. They also play some songs that best describe the world today: were a joyfull meaning can be found in bowel cancer. Music, portuguese poetry and congentitallearned stupidity. This is a show about today!

Show 071: Les Nuits Blanches du Capitaine by Jacques Foschia

Musicien improvisateur (London Improvisers Orchestra,Canaries, PIM, Bohman family) il développe depuis quelques années une approche particulière du médium radiophonique.
Ses travaux les plus récents (Orchestre téléphone, Microphonic) ** témoignent de son intérêt pour les processus mettant en relation les phénomènes sonores dans une dynamique mobile et migratoire.
Fidèle au poste, il a collaboré aussi à la webradio japonaise Kinesonus et réalise des pièces sonores pour la webradio Silenceradio depuis sa création. Il anime aussi avec son complice Alain Bolle une émission (Kwad9) sur la radio associative bruxelloise radiopanik. Elément
bruitiste et sonore de la “brocante sonore” récemment constituée (en trio avec Alain Bolle et Anthony Carcone), il est aussi membre de l’Atelier de création sonore radiophonique basé à Bruxelles.

Présentation de la “fiction”


Fiction sonore en trois épisodes.
Les éléments textuels servent de guide à l’écoute. Le capitaine évolue essentiellement dans un milieu liquide et flottant. L’usage de matériaux sonores qui y font constamment référence (le capitaine échoue dans un océan d’ondes éléctromagnétiques et termine sa course sur une plage de vinyl) submerge l’auditeur et l’emmène dans sa dérive.


1) Perdition:
Le capitaine évite le naufrage de justesse, sort d’ un comas éthylique avancé, négocie un mouillage plus sûr en même temps qu’il se vôtre dans la luxure avec la fille de Pharaon.

2) Meurtre à la foreuse
Le ménage prend l’eau…la scène vire au tragique et fini dans un bain de sang. Ici, on ne sait pas qui est la victime: l’homme, la femme ou une tièrce personne – en l’ ocurence l’auditeur.

3) La chanson du capitaine
Le capitaine rame tout seul sur une plage de vinyl et entame son chant de litanie…les chants les plus beaux sont les plus déseperés. Rôdent autour de lui une nuée de corbeaux noirs.

= = = = == === = =

Jacques FOSCHIA is an improviser and has been working for some times on ways to approach the radio medium. He’s a collaborator of the japanese webradio Kinesonus and of the belgian webradio Silenceradio. Other projects include the radio program kwad9 with his accomplice Alain Bolle, on Radio Panik, the “brocante sonore” with Alain Bolle and Anthony Carcone.

He’s also a member of the Atelier de Création sonore et radiophonique.

This piece produced for radia is a fiction in three parts called
LES NUITS BLANCHES DU CAPITAINE (the captain’s white nights)

The captain is evolving in a liquid environment. He’s drifting in an ocean of electromagnetic waves and will end his course on a vinyl beach.

1) Perdition:

The captain manages to avoid an alcoholic shipwreck and drown himself in lust with the pharao’s daughter.

2) Meurtre à la foreuse (murder with a driller?)

Their relationship is sinking. It becomes a tragic bloodbath. We don’t know who is the victim : man, woman or listener.

3) La chanson du capitaine (the captain’s song)

The captain is rowing, alone on a vinyl beach and start to sing with black crowes hovering above him.

Show 070: DJ Sztyepp – The Far-East-Side

DJ Sztyepp – Miraculous Mandarin. Some Hungarian or Chinese for you.

Sztyepp is a DJ and musician, having written for and played in several bands from the experimental ethno band Uzgin Üver through hip hop bands to producing individual remixes. Working with samplers and hard disk recorder, as well as turntables and sequencers whent he is DJ-ing.
THis compilation is from the repertoire of the Chinese show at Tilos, featuring Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean bands like MC Hot Dog and Drunken Tiger.