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Show 480: The Pataphysical Tape Cut Up (a tribute to the work of Felix Kubin) by Dieter Van Dam for XL AIR

The new XL AIR contribution is a sample based homage to the brilliant work of musician and radio artist Felix Kubin. The piece is build up around various fragments, most of them taken from Kubin radio experiments and music productions, some parts taken from releases on his Gagarin record label and interwoven with some bits and pieces from other artists, regarded as a source of inspiration by the artist himself (Sun Ra, Yuri Gagarin and Gregory Whitehead to name but a few)


Show 479: Jingled Jungle by Sara Lehn

Jingled Jungle by Sara Lehn

for, Berlin

You’re listening to an investigation, no heavy manifesto. More than just radiolovers know about the potent entanglement of real stuff,
radio and play. This piece is meant to be a massage to all immaterial workers out there, including free ear hair conditioner and a jodeling crash course.

Excerpts from productions in and for
Radio de la Culture Visuelle / Radio 226 (University of Art, Berlin;
June 2012), Émissions de l’Art Visionnaire/ KofferRadio (Neuer
Berliner Kunstverein; January – May 2014) & ‘ÖR Schnecke (Kunstraum
Kreuzberg / Bethanien; May-July 2014)

Show 478: Theremidi Orchestra (Radio Student)

Theremidi is a made-up-word, a hybrid of thermin and midi controller.  Theremidi Orchestra (TO) is a verb, an ongoing workshop of noise and drone production. The hands-on electro noise ensemble exists in the present continuous, but refers also to the history of electronic music. TO has a DIY (do-it-yourself) and DIWO (do-it-with-others) approach in making music / sound experiments, making our own instruments (theremidi, micronoise, touch-tone…), based on open-source technologies. Currently, the Theremidi Orchestra consists of 9 active members, coming from different study or professional backgrounds. Every Monday TO meets at Ljudmila = Ljubljana Digital Media Lab to practice and develop soundscapes and build DIY sound devices. Theremidi Orchestra is a process of mutual understanding and solving problems in a horizontal manner. First it led us to abort the need for a central figure of sound technician or conductor. The process of production involves experimentation with sound outputs, mutually composed music scores, shared responsibilities for individual parts of the process, etc.

The featured track has been recorded by Radio Student. The first 6:40 minutes is a fragment of a live performance at TRESK #5 Festival with sound artist and dancer Irena Tomažin at Kino Šiška Cultural Centre. The rest of the track has been recorded live at Radio Student for DJ Seansa morning radio show.

Theremidi Orchestra active members are: Simon Bergoč, Tina Dolinšek, Luka Frelih, Ida Hiršenfelder, Dare Pejić, Tilen Sepič, Saša Spačal, Robertina Šebjanič, Dušan Zidar, Isac Petruzzi, Ian Soroka


Show 477: Morton Feldman Says, Robert Ashley

“Morton Feldman Says, Robert Ashley,” from April 9, 2011 Wave Farm/WGXC broadcast. Performed by Bill Hellermann and Max Goldfarb. Hellermann and Goldfarb perform Robert Ashley’s “Morton Feldman Says” live in WGXC 90.7-FM’s Hudson Studio on April 9, 2011. Wave Farm Executive Director Galen Joseph-Hunter introduces the broadcast, and asks a few questions afterward. Click here to download the audio file. (28:11)

Show 476: Randonée sonore vers la France

El paisaje sonoro es la parte olvidada del entorno.
La imagen nubla y desvirtua en muchas ocasiones la verdadera esencia de lo que nos rodea.
El sonido nos permite descubrir los pequeños detalles.
En este trabajo, realizado a través de Francia durante los años 2012 y 2013, Chuse Fernandez nos muestra un paseo sonoro por diversos lugares de Francia, permitiendo al oyente descubrir espacios acústicos que están ahí, aunque en muchas ocasiones no los veamos.
L’ambiance sonore est la partie oubliée de l’environnement.
L’image s’estompe et souvent nuit à l’essence même de ce qui nous entoure.
Le son nous permet de découvrir les petits détails.
Dans ce travail, mené par la France dans les années 2012 et 2013, Chuse Fernandez nous montre un son promenade à travers diverses parties de la France, ce qui permet à l’auditeur de découvrir des espaces acoustiques qui sont là, mais souvent nous ne voyons pas.
The soundscape is the forgotten part of the environment.
The image blurs and often detracts from the true essence of what surrounds us.
The sound allows us to discover the small details.
In this work, carried out by France in the years 2012 and 2013, Chuse Fernandez shows us a sound walk through various parts of France, allowing the listener to discover acoustic spaces that are there, but often we cannot see.

Show 475: BE scape

BE scape
by VMW (Vincent Matyn-Wallecan) for Radio Panik
Wether you’re about to, already have or will be listening to this piece, BE scape is a collage of recordings made at various places in Belgium on different moments over the past four years.
Binche, Mechelen, Sint amands, Eupen, Namur.
Carnavals, bell towers, riverboats, music school courtyards are superposed and mixed together in the form of a sound stroll.
Adults interact on public places, children play, everything is peaceful, until now.
Thanks to Mélanie Godin, Cécile Ibarra and Jacques Darras.

Show 474: Rectangular Grinder

Dr Klangendum tries to open an harddisk with a rectangular grinder and while doing so recording the sound and processing that live. His first attempt fails but the processed sounds form part one. To be continued…

Grinding; Dj BadVibes
Background Teeth Grinding; Dj Pausa
Eternal Love; Dj Bearsucker, Dr Klangendum

Show 473: Radiagund

RADIAGUND by Kaiser & Schönswetter for Radio Orange, 94.0 – Vienna

Two people in a town of 2 millions found out that they both are connected to a tiny village in upper austria called St. Radegund. They decided to make a trip to their memories concerning this place on a hot summer weekend in august 2013. Fortunately they were allowed to stay at the former elementary school of St. Radegund, the building which is the key to intense memories for both of them. Radiagund is a collage of sound scape, direct quotes and voice recordings. Barbara Kaisers und Karl Schönswetters show is a reflection about memories and the process of remembering in general.


– Anat (Recorded Voice)
– Ernst (Best boy and music)
– Gundi (Direct quotes)
– Isidor (for the warm welcome)
– Lale (Audio mastering)
– Maria (Best girl)
– Sepp (for being with us)
– (Muzak)
– Barbara and Karl (Concept, Recordings, Lyrics and Arrangement)

Show 472: UIOR (Radio Corax)

UIOR belongs to the experimental German-Russian Noiseart-scene and mixed a heaven&hell-set for Radio Corax and

In the last years UIOR started to work with frequencies beyond our audible range – silent sounds effectively … – UIOR doesn’t work for music-labels anymore but joined different fine art ensembles in St. Petersburg and Tallinn.