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Show 981: Zéro propos. Zéro titre (*DUUU Radio)

Zéro propos. Zéro titre short compilation : Souffle et soupirs, Zentrèj, boom boom bisou, Refuse / résiste, Que rue là, Sauf décollage immédiat.

Zéro Propos is a Lausanne-based hyperjective poetry group created in 2020 by Gäel Bandelier and Gilles Furtwängler. Following three residencies at *Duuu radio in Paris in 2021 and 2022, the group gave birth to the Zéro propos. Zéro titre project, which is a double album of 13 tracks. From scraps of sentences picked up in the street, on the internet, everywhere, they write with four hands, little by little, cutting, pasting, adding, mixing words and phonemes. The result is a material of sentences mixing everyday life, concrete and abstract poetry.

Composed by Gaël Bandelier et Gilles Furtwängler of Zéro Propos, and performed by Gaël Bandelier, Rachel Bazaïda, Sarah Calas, Martine Chesnau, Sarah Salomé Delétain, Gilles Furtwängler, Delphine Herscovici, Lucienne Larue, Michel Larue, Angeline Ostinelli, Anne-Marie Petit, Clara Rodriguez et Marielle Soca.

Recorded at *Duuu studio in Paris.

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Show 931: In and Out & In-Between by Elen Huynh for *Duuu

Two pieces
In and Out 
What do we express alone in the face of silence and solitude in one small given moment?
Here, the voice rises, repeats, curves and stops.
In the morning,
Like a bird standing on the window sill, wondering:
Am I listening inside? Or am I listening outside?
When ambient sounds merge and form a symphony orchestra. 
(no editing)
Music : Jupiter Garden by Elen Huynh inspired by a poem of Anna Akhmatova and a field-recording of Baal & Mortimer.
Thanks to Lauriane Houbey and co-producers Phonurgia and CREADOC.
Elen Huynh’s practice spans pieces and installations on the border between documentary and sound creation. She also explores spoken word in all its forms in collaboration with various artists and releases cassettes on her record label Choses Contraires.
A program proposed by Elen Huynh for *Duuu.

Show 907: Doubtful No. 14: Land by Charlie Hamish Jeffery (*Duuu, guest slot)

Doubtful #14: Land

Doubtful is a radio program that does not know what it is going, or how often it would like to appear. Doubtful in size and shape and content and behaviour.
Welcome to Doubtful.

A program proposed by Charlie Hamish Jeffery for *Duuu.