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Show 440: Hedging the Future by IG sterben (for Radio Helsinki)

In 2012 I – Max Höfler – bought some guns for an Austrian art association called Forum Stadtpark. The purchase of these guns established a situation that focuses on the most abstract entity we do have in our today society and that concerns us all: Money and all these financial issues that are considered as the basic structure of our society. To experience this abstract relation between us and the finance I transformed it into a concrete situation.

To understand the situation which I wanted to establish with this purchase, you have to know three things:
1.) The Forum Stadtpark spent a lot of money for these rifles: 10.000€.
2.) These guns still work. That means that you can still use them and that they had been already used before.
3.) The value of these rifles will rise because they aren’t produced any longer and they are rare. So they are some kind of a financial investment for the Forum Stadtpark as well.

After I bought these guns, I put them into a vitrine in the foyer of the Forum Stadtpark where they still are as an sort of permanent virulent inventory that questions how we can get out of this paradoxical situation.

Now in 2013 three artist – Andreas Heller, Johannes Schrettle and me (Max Höfler) – want to transform this situation into a new form: into some sort of a performance called “IG Sterben”. This performance is subtitled as a musical. Andreas Heller will act as nature in a wheelchair, Johannes Schrettle as love in a jogging suit and me as immanent danger. Furthermore we will form a no band band called “IG Sterben”. Our first rehearsal will be directly at the performance.

In this radia show you will get an insight of this transformational process and you will somehow get to know, what all these things may have in common.


Show 424: SAKRA!2013 for Radio Helsinki

SAKRA!2013, found itself on an acoustic search at St. Andrä Church in Graz/Austria on 1/3/13. The installative composition by Marufura Fufunjiru, Johannes Raggam, Christian F. Schiller and Nikos Zachariadis    was    sent    via    numerous    FM- Transmitters to different radios spread across the church, which led to individual tonal responses. An abstract and concentrated examination of the subject luck/bad luck.!2013.html

Show 401: An Interruption – live – by Lucas Cejpek and Michael Fischer

//Radio Helsinki//

Lucas Cejpek text, reading
Michael Fischer live-mix with 2 CD-players

A live on air improvisation by Michael Fischer based on textfragments by Lucas Cejpek, dealing with interruption. The texts are part of a work in progress, a dictionary of a single word, which is INTERRUPTION.

In 2005 Michael Fischer developed connex:context, a series of live performances on Orange 94FM – community radio station Vienna, in collaboration with the authors Marietta Böning, Petra Ganglbauer, Christine Huber, Semier Insayif, Gerhard Jaschke, Christian Katt, Margret Kreidl, Peter Pessl, Valeri Scherstjanoi, Birgit Schwaner, Lisa Spalt, Dieter Sperl, Günter Vallaster, Peter Waugh, dasfröhlicheWohnzimmer; live performed at Alte Schmiede, Salon Praterstraße, Literaturhaus Wien, Literaturhaus Graz and festivals Literatur in Grün or Haydn in der Wart.

Lucas Cejpek born 1956 in Vienna, where he is living as a freelance author and director of theatre- and radio-plays. Latest book: Where Is Elizabeth? A novel, Sonderzahl publishers, Vienna 2009.

Michael Fischer musician-composer in the range of improvised music, noise, new music, soundscapes on saxophone, violin, cd-player/mixer, conducted instant compostions, since 1999 working on the implications of the electro-acoustic phenomenon feedback. 2005 he launched the Vienna Improvisers Orchestra, working as an instant composition conductor also for other large ensembles. Concerts, performances, festival appearances as musician and cross-collaborator throughout Europe and Japan.

In cooperation with Radio Orange 94.0 FM (Vienna)
Original broadcast: Radio Orange 94.0 FM, November 6, 2012, 22:00 – 22:57

Show 355: Life and Death of Arissat-1 by Reni Hofmüller

Reni Hofmüller for Radio Helsinki (Graz, A)

On August 3rd, 2011, Arissat-1 was launched directly from the ISS, the International Space Station. NASA TV broadcast this life over the internet, and thousands of people worldwide watched the deployment, and after that followed the first amateur radio satellite launched from a vehicle in space. After only a short life time, Arissat-1 was heard for the last time on Jan, 4th 2011. As we are going to undergo a similar procedure with mursat1, regarding a shortlife time, and very short and quick passes over head, Arissat-1 was a good way to learn about satellite spotting.

Recordings used: deployment, recorded at ESC im LABOR on Aug 3rd; Arissat signals received at the amateur radio groundstation, Graz, in August 2011; coallision – a realtime audio visual installation by Jogi Hofmüller, a sonification of debris parts from a coallision from 2 satellites in 2009, and Juri by Peter Venus (both shown at ESC during steirischer herbst 2011), Raumsonde Venus-Wega, Performance by Peter Venus and Marian Weger at musikprotokoll 2011, Windsong by Reni Hofmüller, at musikprotokoll 2011; excerpts of KraftiM – Criguere, found on Jamendo.

You can find more about the space art project mur.sat at


Show 335: Castration Radia by Slobodan Kajkut

Radio Helsinki is very happy that we could get the composer and musician Slobodan Kajkut to do a show for Radia. His piece is called “Castration Radia” and is 20 minutes long. The length of the piece is a part of its concept, that deals with the issue of format radio: The Radia shows are normally 28 minutes long, so that the broadcasting machines and organisational structure of the different broadcast stations can handle all the shows easily.

So the question arose, how Radia would handle these remaining 8 minutes…

Show 315: Epic Fail No. 9 mit Paukenschlag by marufura fufunjiru

There are two main approaches to my artistic output. One is based on ideas. Thinking, considering, rejecting, building, destroying – everything inside my head. Mostly without notes, definitely without interim results. And then sooner or later the whole „product“ comes out like a chicken egg, ready to be published, staged….. or thrown away. The other approach is based on experiment. I simply throw myself into a situation with no ideas how to deal with them and work from there. It’s a bit like blindfolding myself and slowly removing the blindfold by running into things with my head.

For „Epic fail No. 9 mit Paukenschlag“ I followed the second approach. I had old but never published material on my computer. Mostly short notes (loops) of noise and beats. So I used chance operations to determine the length of every single track to be used („track“ as in multi-track-recording) and to determine when in time it would appear in my piece. There were over 130 tracks of lengths from a few seconds to several minutes. It all made no sense.

Up to this point I hadn’t used my ears to compose the piece. Then I listened to this first „result“ and it was…… well…… interesting. So I listened again and again and each time shortened some tracks or changed their volume. It was like tidying up a room where „a bomb had exploded“. At first I didn’t allow myself to delete any tracks at all but later changed that rule. My work here could be compared to having a sheet of paper full of random characters and then deleting some to build words of the remaining ones. Without the possibility to get them back after deletion. You have to be very careful not to destroy better possibilities for not so great ones. And you must be very careful not to lose the overview of the whole piece. Often my mind zoomed into the music to work on details and I had to force myself to regularly zoom out again for that overview.

The result is something that I first made just to entertain myself (very much me and my tastes) then „destroyed“ by chance operations (nature and not caring about whoever’s taste it may be) and finally broke down to….. have a tidy room where I could sleep and dream of sheep.

Actually I (and I guess you too) do that many times every day in real life. And usually am  as unsuccesful at it as I was with „Epic Fail No. 9 mit Paukenschlag“.

“Epic Fail No. 9 mit Paukenschlag” is presented by Radio Helsinki.