Show 1004: Stopcock (for Radia) by Clinton Green (Radio One 91 FM)

“Stopcock” was recorded July-August 2023, with malfunctioning Walkmans playing loose parts of themselves (speakers) rather than cassettes.

Clinton Green makes something akin to music. He has been active in Australian experimental music since the 1990s as a recording and performing artist, curator, facilitator, writer and researcher. He has worked with unconventional approaches to guitars, turntables and found objects as tools for new forms of musical expression. He has also worked with dancers, theatre and performance artists in improvised collaborative situations, and has developed a performance practice incorporating projections. Clinton runs the Shame File Music label and writes on/researches historical and contemporary aspects of Australian experimental music. He has completed artist residencies in Taiwan (2015) and Cradle Mountain, Tasmania (2017), and has performed/exhibited in Canada, Germany, Spain, Japan, Taiwan, New Zealand, and throughout Australia. His current interests include using deconstructed Walkmans as beat-generating machines, and processing text via compositional procedures and cassettes.

Photo credit – Colin Hodson

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