Show 1000: 1000 Likes by Sarah Washington (Mobile Radio)


This is a special collaborative show to mark Radia’s 1000th week of broadcasting. It features contributions from 14 member stations and affiliates of the network, which between them collected the voices of 122 participants.
The remit was simple: Ask several people to speak a list of 10 things they like, and compile their voices into a short composition. The result is a heartwarming and amusing gathering of over 1000 genuine likes, which stand in proud relief to the hollowed out kind we have have become accustomed to on social media. Participants were surprised to be asked what turns out to be a very good question.

Concept and realisation: Sarah Washington

Contributors (in order of appearance):

Rádio Zero
Recorded by Ricardo Reis, produced by Sarah Washington
Voices: Rute, André, Miguel, Ricardo

Sounds produced by XM TRAN

Produced by DinahBird
Voices: Jean-Philipe Renoult, KRN, Valérie Vivancos, Claire Serres, DinahBird, Nicolas Montgermont, Julbel, David Christoffel

Produced by Karl Schönswetter
Voices: Barbara Huber, Milada Huber, Nikola Huber, Barbara Kaiser, Stefan Nussbaumer, Lale Rodgarkia-Dara, Karl Schönswetter

Radio Campus Paris
Produced by Philipp Fischer
Voices: Gregoire, Heloise, Jean, Julia, Kelian, Lucas, Maeliss, Philipp

Soundart Radio
Produced by Lucinda Guy
Voices: Alex, Alice, Anne, Audrey, Cathy, Chris B, Chris S, Edie, Lucinda, Rick

Produced by Angela Herres, mixed by Alessandro Renzi
Voices: Angela Herres, Anna Herres, Annalisa De Palma, Federica Orrù, Mirella Podda, Greca Vargiu, Pietro Podda, Raimund Herres, Clara Herres, Maria Herres, Samuele Ferraro, Erica Podda, Colette Podda

Radio Helsinki
Produced by Reni Hofmüller
Voices: Andreas Unterweger, Barbara Edlinger, Jogi Hofmüller, Karli Braun, Margo Sarkisova, Max Höfler, Natascha Gangl, Nika Pfeifer, Reni Hofmüller, Thomas Antonic, Valentina Vuksic

Produced by Jon Panther
Voices: Hethre Contant, Jon Panther, Peter Blamey, Richard Kennedy, Stephen Allkins

Kanal 103
Produced by Gjorgji Janevski, post production Todor Karakolev
Voices: Ena Mitrevska, Jovan Gakovski, Stefan Petrovski, Joana Risteska, Blagica Jovceska, Ivo Nikolovski, Marija Janevska, Stefan Alijevikj, Jana Delovska, Damjan Ilikj, Eva Stojanovska, Ivo Veikj, Ena Mitrevska, Gjorgji Janevski

Wave Farm Radio
Produced by Meredith Kooi
Voices: Jillian McDonald, Julia Drouhin, Khonsu X, Tom Miller, Matthew Ostrowski, Mike Bullock, Desiree Mwalimu-Banks, Oluwafemi

*Duuu Radio
Recorded by Sampson Staples & Sarah Banville, produced by Sampson Staples
Voices: 5 passersby in Parc de la Villette, Sampson Staples, Paul Castillon, Sarah Banville

Mobile Radio
Produced by Sarah Washington
Voices: Sandra, Edka, Emma, AGEE, CC, Élodie, Felix, Givan, Jasmina, JD, Leandro, Natalie, Necef, Renata, Stefan, Sarah, XTO, Xuan, Knut

Produced by Meira Asher
Voices: Claudia Wegener, Laila Abd el-Razaq, Hannah White, Stephen Shiell, Paul Kendall, Meira Asher

Show 0999: RadioActive ~ on Water series (radioart106)

RadioActive – on Water is a six episode podcast series, exploring the interactions between transmission, sound, activism and water. Each episode is created by a different artist/group of artists who engage with water politics and the politics of listening through the medium of radio. This show contains 2 excerpts from each episode, selected by the series’ curators.

Creators: Blanc Sceol (Stephen Shiell and Hannah White), Lisa Blackmore and Leonel Vásquez, RE-PEAT collective, Margarida Mendes, Carlos Monleon and Nathaniel Mann, Meira Asher.

The episodes:

‘An Ear to River ~ counterflows’ by Blanc Sceol (Stephen Shiell & Hannah White) invites the audience to listen with the Channelsea river, a recovering waterway in East London and home to the city’s largest combined sewage outfall.

‘River song, singing rivers’ by Lisa Blackmore and Leonel Vásquez, navigates the Bogotá River in Colombia through a more-than-human song created in collaboration with the living forces that shape the watershed’s ecosystems.

‘Watered’ by RE-PEAT collective approaches water justice through imagining the perspective of water nself, by drawing stories and definitions of bodies of water, and n’s entanglement in relation with other bodies, bogs, bugs, sundew, moss and more.

‘Sonic Traces’ by Margarida Mendes, is a journey from the deep ocean to the Mississippi river, to expose how traces of pollution, sonic and chemical, travel through watery space impacting communities across ecosystems.

‘River Breathing’ by Carlos Monleon and Nathaniel Mann, examines the impact of irrigation systems on human and more-than-human communities through the Ebro river in Spain and its endangered clam population.

‘Liquidation’ by Meira Asher interrogates the politically engineered water crisis in the Occupied Palestinian Jordan Valley where Israel deliberately and strategically deprives Palestinian shepherd communities of access to water.

Curated by Meira Asher and Stephen Shiell
Production – Meira Asher, radioart106
Mastering – Daniel Meir
Web design – Laetitiia Boulud
Produced with the support of the Pais council for Culture and Art, Israel
Image by Pablo Sanz from a project along the Manzanares River in Madrid

Partners & broadcasts:

Resonance Extra – May 6 – 11, 12pm [gmt+1]
USMARADIO – May 13 – 18, 7pm [cet]
KZradio – May 19 – 24, 12am [gmt+2]
Archipel Community Radio – May 26 – 31 – 3pm [cet]
Radio Tsonami – June 3 – 8, 3pm [gmt-4]
diffusionfm – June 10 – 15, 9pm [aest]


SHOW 998 Compositing For Radio A Workshop From ( Diffusion FM)

This is a montage created from the Radio as a Space and a Material community workshop with DiffusionFM held at 107 Redfern. For this event we invited the community to contemplate alternative radio space. We also invited the wonderful Hethre Contant to participate which inevitably included an appearance of The Weekly Dream Report. Also big thanks to Ryan Morris for sharing his other consciousness with us.

Here are the results of workshop participants enjoying performative experiments. During these “Jams” the usual suspects were utilised – extremely low-powered terrestrial radio wave technologies, other electromagnetic and time-based sensing tools, telephones, walkie-talkies, computers, deep sea cables, whatever paraphernalia came to hand and August Black’s telematic browser app Mezcal.

Most of the material was recorded using a very old H1 ZOOM with only one functioning microphone and mobile phones. The results are delightfully LoFi and in glorious mono!

Show 997: Constant frequency: 89,3 mhz (Radio Študent)

Show 0997: Constant frequency: 89,3 mhz (Radio Študent)

Lora, Oli, and Sava, sound engineers from Radio Študent, embarked on a drive through the high hill lands and winding roads of western Slovenia on May 1st, after working at a concert at Stržnkarjevi, a place that no phone signal reaches. They tuned in to the frequency of 89.3 MHz, where Radio Študent is locally broadcasted in Ljubljana. The recording of the car drive captures the shifting soundscape as they journey from Vojsko to Idrija through the diverse terrain, each turn of the road bringing a new auditory experience.