Show 989: Poetics of Imagination for Soundart Radio, Devon

Researchers and artists from the Schumacher College Poetics of Imagination group at Dartington Hall, sing us into the forest to meet with ancestors, beasts, to move from individual identity to a collective, merged self. There we confront life, death and rebirth, through multi-ingual mixed modalities.

The Poetics of Imagination course explores orality, story and culture, examining how we have conjured stories from the earliest times to the present day.
The course is centred around oral telling but opens to a broader spectrum of the arts, examining the work of ancient to contemporary storytellers, writers and artists. Students explore the idea that when humans imagine, they tend to imagine in story. What is trying to be told right now?

Created by Cosima von Seefried, Mimi Brown, Annabelle Simmons, Grace Wilshaw Chanter, M, Will Wilson, Isa Schoier, Flo Barshall, Sophie Craven, Lee Morell, Dan Hamner.
Produced by Alice Armstrong and Lucinda Guy at Soundart Radio, South Devon, UK. With thanks to Emma Bush.

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