Show 970: Much (scored out) love, A. / Excerpt (radioworm)

In her performances, Antrianna Moutoula, repeats the same format: a table, a laptop, a projector, and a woman who talks and writes nonstop. In Much (scored out) love, A. her starting point is a series of letters from her family archive, the correspondence of two Greek women with their partners in exile, between 1958 and 1971. The result is an overload of words, thoughts, quotes, memories, transcriptions, and citations, all seeking their own linearity. The performance was developed during Moutoula’s residency in the Creative Lab of CCA Glasgow, a partnership between radio WORM and Radiophrenia Glasgow. This is a 28′ excerpt from the live-to-air performance during Radiophrenia in August 2023.

Antrianna Moutoula (GR, 1994) lives and works in Amsterdam. Primarily language-based her work spans performance, film, radio, and writing. Driven by the desire to articulate the continuous present, her ongoing research focuses on nonstop languaging, an autotheoretical practice in which she performs streams of consciousness by tracing her thoughts through language simultaneously in spoken and written form. By engaging with this practice in various contexts, she aims to contribute to a renegotiation of the confinements of knowledge production within artistic academic discourse. Always seeking ephemeral encounters with necessary others, she explores nonstop languaging as a biweekly radio performance at Radio WORM. Moutoula’s practice is currently supported by the Artist Start Grant of the Mondriaan Fonds (NL).




Show 969: 720 to 28 or the impossible summary (Jet fm)

12 hours of a poetry marathon performance compressed in a 28 minutes radio show. All material recorded live during the 23rd edition of Midi Minuit Poésie festival in Nantes, France, october 14th 2023.
Cast, in order of appearence: Pauline Catherinot & Bruno Chevillon, Magali Brazil, Pascale Monnier & Ryan Kernoa, Claro, Guillaume Dorvillé & Emma Anselmetti-Laffont, Didier Bourda & Sylvain Chauveau, Galina Rymbu & Marina Skalova, Virginie Poitrasson & Joce Mienniel, Juliette Mézenc, Stomach Cie/Vanessa Vallée, Antoine Boute, Lisette Lombé & Cloé du Trèfle.
Cut & mix in a more or less random way by Henri Landré.

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Show 968: Verwüstung by Scar sisters (Radio Helsinki)

  1. Verwüstung by Scar sisters (Antonia Manhartsberger and Constanza Mendoza) deals with structural violence in gynaecological surgery. Lack of transparency and education and backward research meet capital and individual interests. People whose reproductive possibilities are limited or who have no desire to have children are denied the right to self-determined sexuality, their reproductive organs can be removed recklessly. The often profound consequences are ignored in medical discourse, the psychological, physical and sexual after-effects are denied. Those affected feel anger, grief, powerlessness, loneliness, inner emptiness…. Verwüstung is a call for solidarity and self-empowerment. We are scar sisters, ready to fight. With our bodies and our words. Our weapon is openness. Scar sisters against patriarchy, scar sisters for radical empathy, scar sisters against physical and psychological violence at the examination chair. Scar sisters for unlimited satisfaction. Sisters in solidarity!


  1. Extracts of the Live-Performance “Lounge music – Loungeová hudba” a dialogue with no-input-mixer and sheep on invitation of Brandon LaBelle and Ricarda Denzer’s Dirty Ear Forum # 9 sound, multiplicity and radical listening in Vienna, Arena Bar, March 20nd-23rd 2019, Literature and Live-Sound: Lale Rodgarkia-Dara, Voice-performance and Translation


Show 967: Into the Wild by Sound Art Brighton (for Resonance)

Into The Wild is a recorded sound excursion from Brighton Station to Stanmer Park, West Sussex, England, discovering sound marks of the city and its enchanting environs, winding up in the unique garden community of Stanmer Organics. Produced by members of Sound Art Brighton to celebrate World Listening Day 2023. World Listening Day takes place every July 18 to honour the birthday of Canadian composer and environmentalist R. Murray Schafer, often credited as the founder of acoustic ecology. Many thanks to Chris Sciacca (sound recordist, editor and producer) and Kersten Glandien (executive producer).

Show 966: If you love me, you can tell me by Elektro Kultura (Kanal 103)

Greatest Hits by Elektro Kultura

Elektro Kultura is the solo project by Vladimir Muratovski Divo – a punk and social poet hailing from the streets of Skopje, Macedonia.

On Skopje’s Liberation Day (13.11.2022), he had his second, long awaited live performance at Kanal 103 radio. After he finished his repertoire, the packed crowd in the studio wanted for more. He briefly answered: “Real punks don’t do encore”.

This is the slightly edited recording of our little off programme afterparty.