Show 962: Loïc Guerineau | Carte blanche (Radio Grenouille-Euphonia)

Carte blanche to the young composer Loïc Guerineau.
Electroacoustic composer, sound creator, artivist and musician from Marseille. Compromited into sound ecology and raging against Airbnb.
Here are three of his pieces to find out !

Panier district soundscape 12′
A composition based on recordings from the Panier district in Marseille.
A microphone interpretation of this Mediterranean emblem.

Communications lost in repression 5’46
From different places and stories emerge coherent and quite stable narratives, which show and underline common repression schemes against collective mobilisations.
This piece is a mix of several phonographic works by Loïc Guerineau, Christopher de Laurenti and Hugo Lioret.

Acid Rain 10’
Sustained waterdrops in a broken cycle.

Find Loïc Guerineau on Soundcloud and Radio Grenouille / l’Art de l’écoute.

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