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Show 947: Concretisations (Radio Student)

  Concretisations For this edition of Radia Network, Radio Študent is featuring an excerpt from live broadcast of the annual event Radart, which is organized by R A D A R – Open Radio (Art-Theory) Investigative Platform at Radio Študent … Continue reading

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Show 946: Comfort Noise by Iru Ekpunobi for Wave Farm

“I have made a mark, and I do not know whether I am drawing or writing. I am thinking about marks and how they collect on a surface. I have accumulated marks, and I believe that this accumulation is at … Continue reading

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Radia 945: Entramadas Anfibias, by Léa Roger (Radio Panik) At the debut of 2023, we conducted expeditions with our microphones in the Tariquía and Carrasco National Parks, located in Andean forests and mountain jungle (Yungas) in Bolivia. We found ourselves in the heart of the paradoxes of conservation, … Continue reading

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Radia 944: My Complex Me And Brain (for Radio Worm)

A new WORM production by Lieuwe Zelle made for Worm/Klangendum/Concertzender/RadiaFM, april 2023 Name: Lieuwe Anthonie Zelle 06-03-1956 The Hague they/them Original a toy salesman working in a toyshop technical toys like model-railroad trains and stuff and plastic model kits and … Continue reading

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