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Radia 939 : “TstBd” by Christopher Booth for Soundart Radio

“TstBd” was a ritual performance carried out December 9th 2021 in Studio 1, Dartington Hall. Utilizing sound, radio feedback, video & ritual a spell was cast, the results of which are as yet indeterminate. The Test Bed was a performance … Continue reading

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Radia 938 : “Everything has changed already” by Isa Stragliati (for Radio Campus Bruxelles)

Everything has changed already A radio piece by Isa Stragliati A close friend sent me a voicemail from afar during a difficult time. Improvised vinyl mix with music and sounds by Fripp & Eno, Multer, Reznicek, Pierre Henry, C-Schultz & … Continue reading

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Show 937: Poekoe |Luminy’s students for Radio Grenouille-Euphonia

Poekoe Pièce collective réalisée par les étudiants de l’école des Beaux Arts de Marseille Luminy lors du workshop Grenouille-Euphonia “Sculpter la radio ?” Instruments fabriqués avec des végétaux ou matériaux de récupération, jeux aux micros et recherche du geste qui … Continue reading

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Show 936: disembodied paths by Joana de Sá (Rádiozero)

Walking alone generates embodied comprehension through non-intentional encounters with the dynamics of specific places, especially remote conversations. This is a personal interpretation of sound and conversations in which, I non deliberately, solely, insert myself. Credits Cellos – Louis Wilkinson ~ … Continue reading

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