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Show 935: Can we talk, dear AI? (by Chuse Fernandez, TEA FM Radio Workshop)

Artificial Intelligence is surrounding our lives almost without realizing it. Perhaps we are at that turning point and even of “no return”. What we are going to listen to next is a simple experiment in which we are going to … Continue reading

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Show 934: SONIC COLLECTIVITY by Trashkot (Guest Slot)

 Trashkot is the name under which artists Jo Caimo and Sjoerd Leijten have been making radio since 2018 on Radio Centraal 106.7 FM in Antwerp. SONIC COLLECTIVITY is a collage piece created from their extensive audio archive. The piece … Continue reading

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Show 933: LOOP liminal (Wiener Radia Kollektiv, Radio Orange 94.0)

In our search for an acoustic equivalent of a liminal space, we found it in the sound aesthetics of waiting loops. The dissolution of time into emotion throws the listeners back on themselves, on their own acoustic equivalent of a … Continue reading

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