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Show 931: In and Out & In-Between by Elen Huynh for *Duuu

 Two pieces   In and Out  What do we express alone in the face of silence and solitude in one small given moment? Here, the voice rises, repeats, curves and stops. In-Between  In the morning, Like a bird standing … Continue reading

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#930 Red Forest Radiogram – Runaway Noosphere by

Runaway Noosphere Oleksiy Radynski in conversation with Svitlana Matviyenko Sonic Intervention by Sasha Dolgiy. for by Berlin. excerpt from: Red Forest Radiograms- Nomadic Cosmology and Fugitive Power In the interwar period, the Soviet geologist and philosopher Vladimir Vernadsky … Continue reading

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UNTIME THERAPY: THE ART OF DETUNING by TIME BENDING CLOCK RADIO There is a saying: Time heals all wounds. Which is not true anyway. But even worse: what if time itself makes you sick? Indeed, there are many time-related illnesses … Continue reading

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Show 928: No Ground, by Jennifer Callaway

 +++ Jennifer Callaway’s ‘No Ground,‘ commissioned for the Radia network’s first broadcast of 2023, is a composition that takes a single 27 minute live improvised recording of a 1940s Bakelite valve radio, and subtly weaves this instrumental base into … Continue reading

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