Show 918: Shadowside Of Sound (Worm)


A radiopiece by Coolhaven

SHADOWSIDE OF SOUND is an ongoing project, dedicated to works by Rotterdam composers, known and unknown, who have fallen into oblivion. Progressive or conservative. Fairly or unfairly; that will determine history. As you know, there are various points of view regarding whether or not acceptance is there. In general, it can be assumed that the circuit must have the power to handle the work. The other view is a chimera of the one who gives himself a stunning victory before playing time is up.

In this radiopiece, especially constructed for the Radia Network, we focus on Julie Bruins Rampart. Coolhaven was already deeply involved in her work when they discovered the existence of her twins, Sybille and Plasma, who never really ‘met ‘her mother (after they were born that is) and were raised in Devon, UK. Coolhaven went there to interview the twins. The radiopiece exists of the interview and some of Rampart’s re-interpreted works by Coolhaven.

Julie Bruins Rampart (1922-2005) In her free evening hours, Julie Bruins Rampart composed lustily. Initially, her favorite instrument was the great Baroque flute. We see this instrument in most of her compositions. This changed later when she discovered the possibilities of the electric guitar-sound.Sometimes solo, but often in combination with other instrumentation. What makes Bruins Rampart’s work attractive are the often complex gesticular additions that her works contain. She often stages the performers in a tableau vivant and does not shy away from acting unorthodox. Her work was dismissed as amateurish, a-musical and immoral. Bruins Rampart was active in the VSSM (Study Group Sadomasochism Association) in Rotterdam. The VSSM regularly organizes game meetings. Bruins Rampart strived for inclusiveness. Her series of compositions seem to be based on various agreements and putting them into practice; the so-called “play”. In that sense, her works could be interpreted as politically emancipatory erotic pamphlets. Bruins Rampart came from the PvdA circles that believed in the makeable world at the time. Moralistic, socially critical and also formative.


Interviewers; Coolhaven

Sybille & Plasma Guy ; Lucinda & Catherine

interview recorded by Soundart Radio, thanks to Chris Booth.

Music; Julie Bruins Rampart, played by Coolhaven

This is a Worm/Klangendum production

Show 917: WurM IN WorM (Worm)

Three crawlers decided to meet at one point a little bit longer. With Worm as their temporary residence, a continuous cycle took place where sounds
were made, regurgitated and eventually brought to the surface.

Hessel Veldman (NL), Kamilė Rimkutė (LT) and Ruben Verkuylen (NL) differ widely in their musical practices and experiences, but find kinship in
their appreciation of sound as soil for life. At the end of their sojourn, they performed their collection of sounds at Worm and showed their Wurm.

In this production at WORM they found the worm (“wurm’) inside the building, the organisation, in space, in the city, in the universe, in their afterlife, underground and in their friends. During the production days they build short and long fragments of soundbites, by creating several improvisation-settings and used real-time recording for building a sound archive. They mangled and cleaned up the recording results and modulated and arranged them during the final presentation on Sunday May 29 in WORM, Rotterdam; live and for Radio WORM.

Composers/musicians in residence:
Kamilė Rimkutė
Ruben Verkuylen
Hessel Veldman

Contributing composers/musicians:
Tisa Neza Herlec
Hugo Lioret
Puck Schot / Acidic Male
Thomas Dudckewicz
Marianna Muruyama

Sound Bites by Saskia McCracken from her short story Sister/Worm.

Also an unknown/unpublished track by Enno Velthuys is wrapped in the WurM.

Hessel Veldman (Y Create, Forbidden Photographs, FNTC). Hessel is a composer, musician and radio-producer in the electro-acoustic field.
Watch: Y Create Forbidden Photographs @ Headroom, OT301.

Ruben Verkuylen Ruben is devoted to sound through a mixed practice of DJ’ing, producing and running two music labels (BAKK and Rubber). Ruben is also an independent graphic designer in the creative industry and co-runs cinema platform WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).

Kamile Rimkute aka Caline With C. Kamile graduated from Master’s degree in Sonology at the Royal Conservatory in the Hague, where she created interactive sound installations and did mixing classes, but most of the things she learned through working with sound in her own studio. She does live sound for electronic bands/artists occasionally. And she also does mastering (cd, vinyl, cassette) work.
Watch: Caline with C live for Pinkman District.

Show 916: Recalcitrant Electronics by Julien Mérieau (Jet fm)

Recalcitrant Electronics

Without apparent thematic, assembled like a string of pearls this piece stages some formal obsessions of Mulot’s work since its origins. Micro-manifesto and lesson of sound art, blow of projector in the meanders of the archives it is a possible synthesis, floating, not exhaustive of several aesthetic obsessions, which are akin with the clandestinity of the radio pirates, the will to go further in the explorations of the radio medium.

A large part of the fragments originates from our private collection whose physical supports and origins are very varied (Found Sound) not to say improbable, saved at arm’s length, when they are not stolen or obtained under threat. The others are methodically punctured from a file conceived for the real time mixing, a hudge sorting station, a table of the elements and a visionary building site, infinitely ramified, whose finality would relate to a kind of total mix.

The proposal also recycles some debris of unfinished musical pieces. Its title is borrowed from one of the vocal fragments used in the piece. Basically, it can be considered as an additional track to the radio vinyl Quartz Locked, released by Warm in 2015, another synthesis, fragmentary, of more than twenty years of radio experiments in the shadow of any legal framework, of the contemporary art network and of the supposed expectation of an audience that should never accept anything less than dazzling, solar insurrections and other gestures pertaining to radical poetry. Listening with headphones strongly recommended.

Radio Mulot aka France Museau / Stream URL :
Description :
Souscription :

Abstract photographer, author and sound artist Julien Mérieau is the founder of the well-named Radio Mulot aka France Museau (1997-2022). Enfant terrible of french photography, willingly polemist and irreverent his dismissal led him to found with a reduced team a large-scale pirate station, in a way to set up his own art gallery, transposing years of plastic, conceptual or visual arts concerns to sound arts and programming. Inspired by Dadaism, Situationism and the culture of Industrial Music this project has continued to multiply experiments and explorations, much of which remains in the archives. A Journal recounting this adventure, between existential chronicle, prose poetry and theoretical fragments should be published in 2023. Julien Mérieau is also the founder and continuator of the following projects: La Nouvelle Photographie, Cinéma Immobile, La Chambre Introuvable. According to his friend Gerard Malanga, Julien Mérieau is said as “the best keep France’s secret.”


Recalcitrant Electronics

Sans thématique apparente, montée comme un collier de perles, cette pièce met en scène quelques obsessions formelles du travail Mulot depuis ses origines. Micro-manifeste et leçon d’art sonore, coup de projecteur dans les méandres des archives, elle est une synthèse possible, flottante, non exhaustive de certaines obsessions esthétiques, lesquelles ne sont pas sans lien avec la clandestinité des radio pirates, la volonté d’aller plus loin dans les explorations du média radio. Une grande partie des fragments s’origine de notre collection privée dont les supports physiques et les provenances sont très variés (Found Sound) pour ne pas dire improbables, sauvés à bout de bras, quand ils ne sont pas dérobés voire obtenus sous la menace. Les autres sont méthodiquement ponctionnées à partir d’un dossier conçu pour le mixage en temps réel, véritable gare de triage, tableau des éléments et chantier visionnaire, infiniment ramifié, dont la finalité relèverait d’une sorte de mix total. La proposition recycle aussi quelques débris de pièces musicales non abouties ou inachevées. Son titre est emprunté à l’un des fragments vocaux, magnifique, utilisé dans la pièce. Au fond, on peut la considérer comme un morceau additionnel au vinyle radiophonique Quartz Locked, paru chez Warm en 2015, une autre synthèse, fragmentaire, de plus de vingt ans d’expériences radio à l’ombre de tout cadre légal, des milieux de l’art et de l’attente supposée d’un auditoire qui ne devrait jamais rien accepter en deçà de l’éblouissement, des insurrections solaires et autres gestes relevant de la poésie radicale. Écoute au casque fortement recommandée.

Radio Mulot aka France Museau / Stream URL :

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Souscription :

Photographe abstrait, auteur et artiste sonore, Julien Mérieau est le fondateur de la bien nommée Radio Mulot aka France Museau (1997-2022). Enfant terrible de la photographie, volontiers polémiste et irrévérencieux, sa mise au banc l’aura conduit à fonder avec une équipe réduite une station pirate de grande envergure, de sorte à monter en quelque sorte sa propre galerie d’art, transposant des années de préoccupations plastiques, conceptuelles ou relevant des arts visuels vers les arts sonores et la programmation. Inspirée du dadaïsme, du situationnisme ou encore de la culture des musiques industrielles, ce projet n’a cessé de multiplier expériences et explorations, dont une grande part subsiste dans les archives. Un Journal relatant cette aventure, entre chronique existentielle, poésie en prose et fragments théoriques, devrait paraître courant 2023. Julien Mérieau est aussi le fondateur et continuateur des projets suivants : La Nouvelle Photographie, le Cinéma Immobile, La Chambre Introuvable.


Show 915: Bob (Musk’s Mushrooms) by Thomas Antonic (Radio Helsinki)

Show 915: Bob (Musk’s Mushrooms) by Thomas Antonic (Radio Helsinki)

Bob (Musk’s Mushrooms) is a sound collage based around an interview Thomas Antonic recorded while researching the beat generation in the United States and which revolves around topics such as freedom, drugs and conspiracy theories.

Thomas Antonic
is an award-winning poet, musician, writer, filmmaker and multimedia artist who holds a PhD in German Literature and Philosophy. He works mainly in the fields of experimental literature, multi-media intersections of poetry, film, music, visual arts, cut-up, improvisation, spontaneous prose and other principles of coincidence.

He has numerous publications to his name, in German and English, most recently: United States of Absurdia or The Glorification of the Golden West (poetry and prose, 2022). Antonic is currently conducting the research project ‘The Transnational Beat Generation in Austria’ at the University of Vienna. He was Visiting Researcher at Stanford University in 2013 and Research Fellow at the University of California in Berkeley in 2014 and 2015. He lives and works mostly in Vienna, Austria. In 2021, he completed his first feature length documentary film, ruth weiss: One More Step West Is the Sea.

Show 0914: New Poem by That Travis (Resonance FM)

Currently based in London, for Radia singer-songwriter That Travis revisited their work “New Poem.” Originally released in 2021, the EP dived into the spaciousness within their imagination through songwriting and weaving woodwinds with voice. Experiencing lockdown at the time, they lived through solitude with one eye open; while the other one was reserved, longing for intimacy. That Travis is originally from Hong Kong, with a background of a colonised education and indigenous Hong Kong traditions. While the two worlds fight for presentation within their work, they exhibit an organic mixture of all influences through sonic expressions, lyrics and visual aids.