Show 891: EA by B2Lngr (Jet fm)

EA by B2Lngr
Live recording at home, at the bottom of the garden, in a small old litlle barn, during one week in June 2021.
With this audio material-friend (roland MC101 – piano – somasynth Ether – korg monotron – microbrut arturia – free birds and remix session livecoding (foxdot thank you Vlad ), slow tracks but some that mixes themselves, say “hello” and then leave.
Short titles, like pieces of stories ( a Code and a drama – The fall – so far – Pied sans à terre – a late sound – Ether – The hesitation waltz – 101 sonorities ), absent texts, a voice that we wait for.
Many thanks to the mastering (Yan Hart-Lemonnier), the artwork (Monajamois) and to
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Show 889: Secret Set by Milo Thesiger-Meacham (Resonance)

An audio-only version of Secret Set ( which features an original script, soundtrack and set; field recordings; video found on the SD cards of secondhand cameras; digital photography; handheld, webcam and drone footage; and CGI. Narrated by Kadence Neill.
Written for Christof Migone’s online event AND, 12 December 2021, presented by Alt Space Loop, Arraymusic, Avatar Centre, Errant Bodies Press, Fado, Radius, Resonance Extra,, Wave Farm, Western University and Zone Sound Creative.

Milo Thesiger-Meacham:

Show 888: The Choir (Kanal 103)

The program documents the first ever performance of the first Inclusive City Choir, founded by Trisomie 21 – Association for Support of People with Down Syndrome and created in collaboration and mentorship of the Kolektiv Veternica. It took place in Skopje’s City Walls residential area, on 22.10.2021.

Mario, Stefan, Ena, Matej, Filip, Ilina, Oli, Niki, Beti, Dare and Kosta are performing famous Macedonian folk and pop songs. 

At one point a neighbor yells from a balcony: “Stop it, you are disturbing! Go to the National TV to do this.” 

Hopefully, one day, they will.

Recorded and edited by Gjorgji Janevski

Photo by Jelena Belikj